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Still haven’t decided whether to vote in these or not and no polling card has been sent. I phoned the council and they say ‘they’re being processed’ and will be out in the next few days.

I wonder if they know the EUsceptics and send those ones last – it has crossed the mind.  Anyway, this is our lot:

Now, in the order they appear on the form, these are the options good people could vote for:

# English Democrats
# The Brexit Party [no manifesto available]
# Tommy Robinson [no up to date information]

There is no Anne-Marie party on that form. Sandwiched between TBP and UKIP is UK European Union Party and I wonder how many people will be waylaid by the name similar to UKIP?

The English Democrats I know not a lot about – I remember them vaguely from Witanagemot days and there was something Toque did not like about them. Must check them out.

Now, Tommy Robinson is listed under that name and I wonder if it is actually him but look how he’s listed by the BBC:

Frankly, that is wicked of the Electoral Commission as they must be aware that the uneducated may well vote as if that is a ticket and the guy above TR is most certainly not of the same politics.

On the form as our council supplies it, TR is listed alone at the end of the ticket – the far right – and as it should be listed alphabetically, then that is another move on their part and this Aslam would be first on the card.

There is a thing called the donkey vote and reverse donkey vote and those who vote straight down the ballot paper would elect this Aslam, while the reverse would see TR elected.

Also – if TBP had listed itself as Brexit Party, they’d be second on the voting card. All these shenanigans of the EC simply reinforce that which our reader Bill says about the pointlessness of registering and/or voting.

4 comments for “EU elections

  1. May 15, 2019 at 19:18

    Of ***course*** you should vote. I did in 2016, not expecting it to make any difference.

  2. Wolfie
    May 15, 2019 at 19:58

    Go Brexit Party.

  3. May 15, 2019 at 20:51

    Two discussions today, one with a Labour guy, one with a mate of our persuasion. Both voting Brexit. All day I’ve been hearing, ‘I’d love to vote Tommy but why in Brussels? Should be here. Also, he’ll be in prison.’

    Question remains – who, of anyone, has the presence and ability to change things this time?

    When we walk into that booth on Thursday, who has the best chance of giving LibLabCon a right kicking?

  4. Bill
    May 15, 2019 at 21:39

    Bloody hell!
    What a crew. More a question of why bother when the Referendum result has been completely ignored and shoved into the long grass ’till harvest time. But still if giving them good kicking is the reason for voting crack on.
    The EU specifically the Commission and all who suck from its teat, will win this election.
    Soon be Christmas.
    From the link above.

    Candidates shown in party list order
    Change UK

    Andrea Cooper

    Dan Price

    Arun Banerji

    Michael Taylor

    Philippa Olive

    Victoria Desmond

    Andrew Graystone

    Elisabeth Knight


    Sajjad Karim

    Kevin Beaty

    Jane Howard

    Arnold Saunders

    Wendy Maisey

    Thomas Lord

    Anthony Pickles

    Attika Choudhary

    English Democrats

    Stephen Morris

    Valerie Morris

    Gina Dowding

    Wendy Olsen

    Jessica Northey

    Geraldine Coggins

    Rosie Mills

    Astrid Johnson

    Daniel Jerrome

    James Booth


    Theresa Griffin

    Julie Ward

    Wajid Khan

    Erica Lewis

    David Brennan

    Claire Cozler

    Saf Ismail

    Yvonne Tennant

    Liberal Democrats

    Chris Davies

    Jane Brophy

    Helen Foster-Grime

    Anna Fryer

    Sam Al-Hamdani

    Rebecca Forrest

    John Studholme

    Frederick Van Mierlo

    The Brexit Party

    Claire Fox

    Henrik Overgaard Nielsen

    David Bull

    Gary Harvey

    Ajay Jagota

    Elizabeth Babade

    Sally Bate

    John Kelly

    UK European Union Party

    Sophie Larroque


    Adam Richardson

    Jeff Armstrong

    Fiona Mills

    Nathan Ryding

    Michael Felse

    Ben Fryer

    John Booker

    Alexander Craig


    Mohmmad Aslam

    Tommy Robinson

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