The age of the unreasonable

It’s either that or the age of insanity and the thing is that these feckless shills follow their playbook, funded by sick minds with money, they soak up as much time and energy from us as they can on the path to breaking everything down.

One I saw at close hand was during a series of trials when someone from the shill side sent me 100 questions which needed answering [in their eyes]. It took me time and trouble to refer these questions to those who had been involved in the case and the reply to each referred to articles debunking those points. So it took these people wasted time and trouble too, when the perp knew full well that the questions were based on half truths and irrelevancies.

But worse was that not one of questions were the critical ones which really did need answering and the shill did not reply to those when I sent them.

I made a decision that evening that I couldn’t be bothered with such people any further, the Donald has just come out now and said the same and the same sort of unreasonable thing is happening here:

That’s what it has always been about, all the rest is expensive time-wasting.

Interesting that the two above are writing of two different people and yet the playbook of the feckless is the same, the reaction from us is the same. And here are two more almost the same:

It is this rank hypocrisy [Carswell himself knows all about that in his UKIP wrecking activities with Evans etc.] which rankles with ordinary people – no one likes being taken for a ride, no one, they know it and fall into three camps – the evil muvvers [the masterminds], the henchmen or converted who are far more fanatical than the evil muvvers [the HatenotHope heads are this type] … then the streetfighting followers who do as they’re brainwashed to do.

What follows is strategic misdirection, setting up an inferno of nothingness to consume and demoralise, while the real evil goes on in the background:

These latter two issues are immediate and real but noteworthy is that the one taking up the care home abuse does not accept the climate scam, being of the left kool aid.

And just why is there this care home abuse?  I’m not speaking here of the elderly being impossible to love in their cantankerousness and hardness of hearing, I’m speaking of people being employed with zero capacity to either cope or who have zero compassion in the first place and shouldn’t be in the job. Good nurses are a rare breed and should be paid well.

But these ones are in the jobs – why?  Who gave them these jobs?  Which demographic are they? Where does the money the clientele pay go to?  What salaries are the runners of these homes on?

It’s been said by an increasing number that this is a crisis of the spirit today, there is zero tolerance and compassion from anyone and we’re no exception, except that ours is a failure to tolerate fools and charlatans, to use a term from above.

So what’s the solution?  Ignore it all and just do posts about food and boats and wimmin and if we all do that, then the leftist bstds can get on with their destruction unimpeded … or we can stonewall them, try to wreck their game?

Some think that’s what we’re going to be doing later today with a vote and to be fair – to rid ourselves of these egregious clowns is a one step at a time affair.  But the sheer wilfulness of their behaviour is so beyond the pale, it truly offends any sensibilities still rooted in old values.

And to rid congress of a Ryan seems a victory but remember he went in his own good time, when he felt he was tiring of the game. Ditto Ginsburg, Pelosi, May, Brown, Blair, Obama and the list goes on.

Someone – some human being with a pencil in his or her hand – voted in Omar and Cortez, voted in Jess Phillips and Corbyn.  Someone is actually putting people like Heseltine and Watson back into power.  Those are the people who need their heads looking at.

I’m not sure there’ll be any more posts till afternoon, there might be.

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