The future is in good hands

Not even going to show this youtube, not interesting in the least – let’s cut straight to comments:

# Cool! Science!!! It just takes everything I have to “tolerate” the voice and inflections of the Modern “Man” narrating this …GAWD how it feels like a bad rash in my ears … and soul.

# That was the first thing that came to my mind, as well. They all sound the same. Always the same lilt (is that a word?) and cadence. NPR, PSB, Discovery (not that I watch or listen to these). I guess it’s mimicry. They only listen to each other so how would they know how stupid they sound?

I wish I knew enough chemistry to poke holes in this ball thing, because I’ll bet a few years down the line we’ll be hearing about some cockamamy scheme to fix whatever the experts didn’t fully appreciate about their solution at the time.

What we have above is a wedge right down the centre of humanity.  It’s not that we are in the presence of the ignorati – silly laughs, no authoritative facts and figures, just ongoing PCism – but that it’s tailored by ignorati, for fellow ignorati.

Don’t get me wrong – the more I learn, the more tends to fall out the other side, my own mental equipment is currently under siege itself, so the last thing we need is for thick people to find others even thicker than them for a good laugh.

These to clips below, to me, are overkill no matter how true.  I’m always uncomfortable with mockery, even as I use it:

On the other hand, supposed geniuses such as Robbins in London and his beloved Brussels [just look at those mocking eyes in footage] aren’t particularly bright in my eyes if they use their gift for wrong – that doesn’t seem all that bright to me. But they think they’re bleedin’ geniuses.

Cortez, in backtracking in the States about climate ending the world in 12 years – did she show any humility, concede she’d read it somewhere?

Nope, she said that anyone who had taken her ‘literally’ was dumb. The arrogance of certainty, eh?  She may well be right, that’s not the point here – it’s her whole shtick which is the issue, her massive influence on those with the vote [leaving aside voter fraud for now].

What we have, I feel, is not just the smart versus the dumb, right v left, but those who might not be bright but do their homework v those consuming narrative and spewing it back as dark lord certainty and if you disagree, you’ll be arrested and imprisoned like an unfunny comedian with the initials DB.

The word screaming to get out here is ‘humility’. I’d not mock Cortez for her stupidity alone because I know some pretty bright cookies reading this now are my intellectual superiors, so I can hardly talk, but for her utter certainty and smugness about things which demonstrably ‘ain’t so’.

Plus the way she’s lauded and feted by the MSM circus.

Give me one shrewd, homespun sense-speaker please over all the halfbaked intellectuals in the world. Give me one like that first interviewee in that first clip who admits she knows not and yet Mark Dice just repeats the question – how bright is that?

The tragedy in the dumbing-down is that, as Yuri Bezmenov indicated, people are left without the mental equipment to reason from first principles, they can no longer process validly and yet they shout from the microphones, their manner and celebrity carrying the day.

2 comments for “The future is in good hands

  1. May 15, 2019 at 15:38

    Standard American NPR soy voice. Bad, but I hear much worse on a daily basis.

    • May 15, 2019 at 17:07

      You deserve a medal. Over here, the only way is Essex.

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