The high noon post

Have to run things this way for some time, the more formal way takes too much time and I must get down to the boat, sorry but really must.

1. This AI bilge again:

h: It has occurred to you that the engineers that built that bridge that you use on a regular basis are kin of those self-same dimwits … ?

C: It’s an inevitable side effect of the rise of the bureaucracies. The perpetuation of the group becomes the main focus, instead of the quality of the product, committees proliferate, and ability becomes irrelevant as little empires are tended and grown etc etc

2. Q: What do Democrats and Sociopaths have in common?

A: Projection – behavior where you accuse someone else of doing exactly what you are doing yourself.

3. Trump To Release The Names Of Sexual Predators In Congress! Good thing too.

4. George Bowen tweets:

BBC admits that Brit Steel cannot be bailed out under EU rules – but adds – not under WTO rules either. This is simply not true! WTO does not prevent (& has no power to prevent) nations bailing out companies (rsp temporary help) where clear societal problems can be shown.

5. Sunbeams, unicorns and cucumbers:

6. These are nice but tricky to transfer to a blog. Enjoy:

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Chaps and chapesses – that will be it until evening.