There are good reasons why these things happen

Let’s add this latest one here. Pcar wrote:

UKIP’s Sargon Of Akkad Vs Feminist BBC Presenter Over ”Rape”:

Sargon destroyed interviewer, won’t let her lie, omit, divert; almost as good as Peterson vs Newman

Her face is a classic “I’m losing big time, help me editor in ear piece” – Ed “Put serious glasses on.”

Then she keeps digging hole and loses it. Hmm, look at her shoes: old hag in 5″ red stilettos says a lot.

Amfortas added:

Thank you for that vid ref, Pcar. I had not seen it. What a sterling performance.

I do not agree with all that he said, but I did not agree with almost everything she said. He took the fight to her and wiped her all over the floor. Nice to see someone refusing to be railroaded by smug interviewers.

It’s a theme I’m constantly banging on about – that women caught inside the narrative, like that bint interviewing and like meathead Phillips who didn’t even bother looking at the source material, are low quality women who are riding the handed-down narrative someone else has provided.

The very fact that they are in those positions is testimony to their low quality – that’s why they were appointed/parachuted in the first place.

On the other hand, women who step or remain outside the narrative can be awesome – a gal has that attention to detail and the natural charm which confers real power, power with humility and industry – I can name some of these gals in our purview here and they have a female power which none of these feminazi bints have and an angle which we guys simply do not have.

The reason why females like Newman and this one above get taken apart are simple – the poorer quality women become the tin cans with the megaphones or else they get into universities and spread their bile that way, having winged their way into professorships or whatever. I’m not talking out of my backside here, I was in that field and saw them at work. Or else they become faces of programmes.

The highest quality women get on with what they’re doing, do their homework from good sources, pay attention and think; the lowest quality get all tied up in this unsustainable feminist narrative and everything they do, think or eat after that is governed by that narrative … one which fails to provide them with the right ammunition in battles with the prepared, e.g. Jordan P, e.g. Milo, e.g. Nigel, e.g. Sargon.

The boys, though – and gentlemen, bear with me here –  do err if they start to believe their own publicity and think they’re just the greatest, as Milo started to do.

No, no, no!  Wrong way. Only sheer hard work, research, preparation, different perspectives, coming in armed, choosing one’s own battles to engage in, working with the best quality males and females around – that is the only way to carry the day.

That is why Delingpole went down in my estimation – he went into Neil unprepared, arrogantly. Male arrogance is every bit as bad as feminist ‘pathetic-ness’.  Sorry to sound like HR but you really must use all your human capital without prejudice and reject narrative from the start.

Here endeth the rant.

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  1. pete
    May 20, 2019 at 21:37

    bit off topic but the Jake Tapper interview with Ben Carson was the worst I remember seeing – his boss pulled him off in the end…

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