Betrayal of the right

Ordinarily this would have appeared tomorrow morning but there’s a chance the story might disappear by then. Best to archive now, those who intend to – I’ll not be archiving it.

No one does sleaze investigations better than the gay press – that’s where a lot of the detail came from on Hollywood, much wild camp writing or whatever they call it, some giving details which checked out, particularly on Heidi Fleiss. In the end, it became pointless – they all seemed to be at it in Hollywood, with few exceptions, corroboration came from straight sources.

Milo disappeared from the political scene a year or two back and he was quite the star to that point. The issue I have with this hit job at the end of the link is cui bono?

Firstly, who gets hurt by the story? Well obviously Caolan Robertson and his sidekick, Hate not Hope do – right pieces of excrement they are, along with the organisation they flatly refuse any connection to – Antifa. Check the funding of both.

Two secondary figures, in terms of them knowing of it, without actually participating, were Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson. Tommy comes over as quite politically naive, too trusting and what was not mentioned in the article – it’s my notion – is that he tends to look up to well spoken middle-class people who accept him and were I myself on his campaign, I think perhaps he would trust me.

Tommy needs to be super-careful because the Deep State certainly has him targetted. Were he part of the scam himself, I’d say so if I knew of it, make no mistake on that – any humbug from any side at least gets cryptically hinted at here. I don’t believe he was part of it. Methinks he somehow hoped it was not so – he loved the action, the really being someone, those two in the article fed him the supportive lines.

I hate to say this but it seems to me that class is very much involved in this. He’s a working class lad, those two plus Southern, plus this Lucy spoken of – are not. I still don’t think Tommy is wrong in what he says – there’s too much evidence of this invasion.

The two who are dissected in Milo’s article are going to find themselves not greatly loved by the right and whatever happens there happens, but let’s come back to cui bono?

Obviously Farage’s Brexit Party benefits, he is seemingly vindicated, the Tories of course benefit, the Deep State naturally, Momentum, Labour, Hate not Hope, Soros – just about everyone non-Tommy benefits.

But Lauren Southern comes out of this stinking of ordure. Now why would Milo wish to take her down as well? The gay thing about women? Who knows, not being gay.

I’ve had my eye on her for a long time, as have some others – I wrote about women you could not trust, that women’s natural state is leftist, no matter whom she went along with. Some women go the other way, e.g. Dana Loesch, Katie Hopkins and are pretty trustworthy I’d say.

I’ve not a lot to add concerning Southern’s penchant for black lovers or indeed for the many of various hues she seems to have had, except for, as Milo pointed out – her squeaky clean, family image she was trying to project in that youtube with Brittany Pettibone. I still think Britanny is OK, she’s a practising Catholic and is seriously into those values, her sisters seem to be too.  Martin Selner seems Ok – a known-known.

Faith Goldy’s break with Southern is strongly indicative. Faith’s not one of my faves – she’s off her rocker to be frank – and way too supremacist to gain any traction, she’s also unreliable. But it’s pretty clear she knew about all this happening with her former friend Southern.

Another coming out of it badly is Ezra – Deep State Canada would dearly like to take him down but it seems he’s also naive like Tommy. Sad because he’s done very good work, however, there are those who’ve ridden on his clout in the media and used it to launch their own careers – that in itself makes me deeply suspicious.

I feel bad for Tommy, not just because it puts a dampener on his ability to carry this fight up to Them, it turns him toxic with former supporters and those on the right who didn’t like him can now gloat and say – there, I told you so.

Yet I’ve seen nothing about him being deeply in the scam – he was the one scammed, plus his wife. But the main reason I’m still onside with him is a few posts I wrote about men who were my ‘best mates’ in the past and how every one of them turned out to be anything but best friend – now that should seem suspicious to anyone looking at my ability to form friendships. I see it with Tommy too – he doesn’t seem to have good judgement when it comes to ‘friends’, the wrong sort get in and abuse his trust.

This Lowles at Hate not Hope – what a creep, far creepier than Biden but what makes Southern far, far worse than any of those is that she purported to be a friend, she supped with the Tommys and Brittanys, was accepted by them … and then she betrayed, not just them, not just us, but the west with her Borderless.

Dante’s seventh ring.

And so?

Naturally, if Milo’s details are correct, no matter how bitchy, then one of the main pushback forces against the invasion is stymied, it also drags in Anne-Marie, particularly as the rainbow agenda is hers and these two attacked by Milo are just that as well – real sleazebags.

Who’s still on the right fighting for the cause, still with any traction? Nigel with his womanising? And there are even questions over the Donald at the moment, about his judgement, from Sessions to Romney to Hope Hicks.

There seems to be a spinning of wheels just now with us – nothing has come out of the fraud in Peterborough, nothing will. Ditto in the States.  Clinton is still at large.

12 comments for “Betrayal of the right

  1. Andy5759
    June 10, 2019 at 18:00

    It’s all rather disappointing. The matter of trust is crucial when we leave the herd, without true friends we might just prefer to keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

  2. Luther Burgsvik
    June 10, 2019 at 18:33

    Leaving aside the veracity of his claims (or what he’s left out for that matter), it begs the question: what is Milo’s motive? To build a new name for himself on the corpses of his old friends, and distance himself from them at the same time?

  3. June 10, 2019 at 18:41

    Yep, thing is that it leaves no choice for the pundit but to post it. Interestingly, it came from Vicky who is Anne Marie party, which is pro-Tommy, so hardly hostile forces.

  4. June 11, 2019 at 04:57

    The British far right is way too gay. Tommy Robinson in particular seems to be fully onboard with the whole LGBT agenda including the tranny madness. You cannot trust such people. They will put the LGBT agenda first. They want a rainbow unicorn Britain that celebrates sexual degeneracy.

    The push towards a police state, towards the elimination of freedom of speech and vital legal rights, has come largely from feminists and the LGBT lobby.

    You just cannot trust anyone who wants to compromise with that lobby. Making a deal with them is making a deal with the Devil. Thinking that they can be allies is dangerous foolishness.

  5. June 11, 2019 at 06:00

    I do not rush to believe calumnies. There are an awful lot of people besmirched here, on the say so of …. whom?

    Do I expect people like Southern, Levant, Robinson etc to be angelic? Not a chance. Do I hope they do their homework honestly before making videos and statements? Yes, and with any and all the usual human flaws. Do I form an assessment of ‘character’ based on what I see and hear? Usually, after a while. Do I get disillusiuoned sometimes.? Sometimes.

    Do I have any idea who the two supposed miscreants are and what they have been up to and why? I don’t.

    Am I niaive, too trusting? Not a bit. Am I usually skeptical? Mostly. As I am now.

  6. Bruce Charlton
    June 11, 2019 at 08:55

    I’m only vaguely aware of these personalities – but I regard them as being on the other side from me (i.e. they are all on the Left) for two reasons:

    1. The only coherent meaning of Right is that it is a primarily-religious understanding of society, that societal evaluations ought-to-be primarily religious, as bottom-line – so I would regard All these people as on the Left, so far as I know anything about them (and nothing I know induces me to look any further).

    2. The litmus test between Religious and Left is nowadays substantially captured by the attitude to the sexual revolution – the sexual revolution being (approximately) that which advocates anything other than real-marriage or celibacy as the ideal – all else requiring repentence.

    Of course, this means that there is Zero *real* Right presence (from Christians – there is some Right presence from Muslims and Orthodox Jews) in mainstream Western politics and public discourse; but that is surely correct.

    There is only different types of Leftism – it is all just ‘inter-departmental office politics’.

    • June 11, 2019 at 09:40

      Essentially, a human being is going to let you down unless spiritually grounded.

  7. June 12, 2019 at 05:57

    Paul Ramsey has a view on the matter.

    Somewhat close to mine. Perhaps.

    • June 12, 2019 at 06:26

      First take

      This guy is an idiot. He talks of typical right wing homosexuality etc. The exact opposite of right, it’s the left who are into all of that in schools, it is the right, in particular the Christian right, who denounce the whole thing – anti family, all the rest of it.

      I just clicked out after that inanity.

      Second take

      Ok, never heard of him but looked him up and he’s supposedly alt right satirist. Therefore his comment about rightwing deviance was satirical. So I watched the rest.

      For a start, he’s smitten by a young cutie giving him attention – Lauren contacted him, Lauren did this or that, she’s adorable in his eyes. She can do no wrong. Therefore his take is a bit unsafe let us say.

      Now I have no truck with the deviant scene but the point I made and do again is that people like Milo often turn out to be good sources, like women, they’re good on chapter and verse.

      And as he says, he doesn’t know. He stopped investigating the instant the cutie contacted him, he’s pro Lauren. Which is the opposite of what he says he is – he judges by a cutie, many men do, hell, I should know, having been dazzled many a time. So it’s so obvious with this guy, it doesn’t though get us any closer to the truth.

      I agree with him on that point of personalities on pedestals, celebs – there is too much super hero stuff goes on, people seeking a Messiah. There is that with Farage too. What lost me to him was his People’s Army rubbish. I’m part of no one’s army except my nation’s. I also defend our readers here. Naturally a few close friends too. Everyone else close has died.

      His general observation about the issue being all of it, not the proponent, is one I’ve made here many times but his judgment is clouded, as I say, by the pretty girl giving him some attention. And that does not help the investigation.

      I perhaps go too far the other way – ready to believe the worst if it gels with other sources. And LS has been iffy in her views for a long time, plus a hypocrite when it comes to relationships but that one is tied into her insecurities, which takes us away from the main issues.

      Third take

      Closer to this Ramspaul in that she’s too young to have much credence placed on her ideas when she’s still trying to find herself. Best to leave her aside for now, all the above still standing though.

      The real issue is the cause of anti-Them. Eyes focussed on that. The alt right and centre right have some charismatic figures, which in turn can create cults, not in the Jim Jones way, which is the other side’s way, but in a 15 minutes of fame way. Milo was one of those.

      I looked through the left pundits’ takes on the alt right and LS, plus Milo, and most was drivel about how great a society of theft and coercion was – someone above decides we need to save concrete flagstones for example and so the instacampaign springs into action, financed by Koch types plus crowdfunding.

      Voila – instant Save the Flagstones. Rinse and repeat for climate scam etc. It’s a machine, the left, leaving no stone unbesmirched.

      I thought to pick up some morsels but they were the old details about her relationships.

      Everyone’s purpose in all this? As said in the post itself, everyone has a barrow. The left’s is clearcut, the known known of the global agenda. The alt right luminaries? About themselves really and the glory of leading the nation back from the abyss.

      Which is precisely the motivation of the Blairs, reflected in Agatha Christie’s N or M – the cult of lucifer, it said, not for filthy lucre as such but for the glory of leading the revolution. Cue Pelosi, Cortez and Omar, all seeing themselves as the messiahs leading their causes.

      Plus the issue of herding us cats for a sufficient length of time to actually combine and achieve something.

      Fourth take

      I mentioned not being in anyone’s army but my country’s. Well, there’s obviously the spiritual plane too and most things I write lead back to some biblical precedent somewhere, which is closely aligned with centre rightism, which is fine and we generally get along, a known known.

      I do agree with those saying this is globalism versus sovereignty now, sovereign debt, cultural preservation. Many strange bedfellows support the ideologues getting out and just letting us get on with living in a halfway decent manner.

      Sadly, we’re not being allowed to.

      • June 12, 2019 at 09:04

        His being ‘taken in by a cutie’ is also his satire, using himself in a time honoured and very British way. All is grist for his mill including himself. Even lauding Southern at the start…. his ‘following’ and his longevity is far more than she has achieved. He has been in this game as long as you, James, if not longer, and has a unique style. Like you do, but not like yours.


        • June 12, 2019 at 09:30

          Well that’s that sorted then.

          Which is not to say we’re not distracted by cuties. May I recommend one true beauty – one Sophie L W. 🙂

      • Distant Relative
        June 12, 2019 at 10:44

        Cue Pelosi, Cortez and Omar, all seeing themselves as the messiahs leading their causes.

        With Pelosi – maybe this as well

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