Blondes can never be in the wrong …

… and female judges have logic beyond the understanding of mortal man.

Your humble blogger has been reproached a few times over his penchant for young blondes but he protests that just because he has occasionally ended up with one in his life, they do not necessarily represent, as a class, a summum bonum in wimmin.

And there are all sorts – from the baby-faced Toffolo to the longfaced, tall ones, to the egregious Zenna Atkins, a vile human being by all accounts. And don’t forget Madeleine Welch [see James May and car rally clip].

However, there is one type who always gets away with murder or if not murder, money:

Just quickly – narrow road, pedestrian crossing ahead, cyclist going too fast, ditsy blonde staring at her phone just walks onto the crossing, cyclist toots, shouts etc., blonde oblivious.

The female judge sums up:

‘I find that she was looking at her phone and I accept the account of Mr Hazeldean that she turned and went back towards the central reservation.’

But she went on to find that Ms Brushett deserves a payout.

‘When I stand back and ask ‘how did the accident happen?’ it seems to me that Mr Hazeldean owed a duty to other road users to drive with reasonable care and skill,’ she said.

‘Even where a motorist or cyclist had the right of way, pedestrians who are established on the road have right of way.

But she added that Ms Brushett’s conduct as a pedestrian must have contributed to the accident.

She accepts that both had culpability, Basilla Brushetta far more but in this land, any pedestrian just suddenly stepping onto a carriageway – and we saw one of those ourselves yesterday – is in no way responsible or culpable for anything whatever which occurs.

She [or indeed he] can be ambling along on a footpath, looking neither left nor right, headphones on, mobile in hands, and suddenly veer right off the footpath onto the road, not looking behind at traffic – perfectly OK.

If a car or any other sort of vehicle touches – that driver is in the wrong. That’s the implementation of the law in this land.

Plus, in this case, it’s a ditsy [but actually quite calculating] blonde and a female judge. I suspect that what got up the female judge’s nose was that the cyclist shouted.

Yep, that’s right – the female of the species detests being shouted at by a male under any circumstances, it can never be forgiven, it should incur millions of pounds in fines, far worse than mansplaining or manspreading [see Rory Stewart in debate].

In our next post on the topic, we’ll be looking at the whole question of female judges and bishops, plus if females should be playing rugby or football at all.

3 comments for “Blondes can never be in the wrong …

  1. Wolfie
    June 21, 2019 at 01:14

    Nice to look at when they’re young but don’t age so well. Redheads the same, unfortunately.

  2. June 21, 2019 at 03:52


    On the road question, re-reading the piece, we get into a bigger issue, the most responsible people I’ve seen have been motorists approaching crossings [perhaps because of culpability], then cyclists, then pedestrians.

    As a child, I was taught ‘look right, look left, look right again etc.’ As for the driver, he approaches the crossing at low speed, ready, he sees pedestrians strung out like cows coming home and has to be able to get through somehow.

    From what I can gather, this female was not even looking, she had crossed, then suddenly turned 180 and gone back, straight into the cyclist.

    Question is [and we weren’t there], was the cyclist being arrogant, never slowing, equally oblivious, or was it that she’d gone by, he saw another approaching, saw the chance to ride through, a window, she suddenly turned and walked straight back onto him?

    All that shouting and horn blowing suggests that there was at least a brief time he had to take action – speed or stop but that she was highly irresponsible on that crossing too. Unfortunately, she is protected by law.

    I used to dismount and walk the bike through or go a different way if that crossing was notorious. As a driver, formerly, it was hell – one simply doesn’t know what the ped or cyc will do, no sense of road law. Difficult enough for a driver as it is.

    The sane thing would have been for both to take evasive action and if there was contact, many apologies. I suspect it was the arrogance of both, the certainty of both that they were in the right – that seemed the thing.

    Then we have the person deliberately looking for a payday. Driving is so fraught these days, I gave it away.

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