Boris and his bird

It’s already been noted that the gardener may well also be Boris’s hairstylist:

The word which keeps hovering about concerning this matter is ‘counterproductive’ and in this case, it applies to those morons on her doorstep, now they’ve hounded her out of the house.

Won’t worry Boris any, as he’s used to being homeless, being the other side of the pond from his home anyway … but I’m beginning to smell a rat [I see it forming in the air etc.]

Thing is – how set up is the reconciliation pic? Unless you have the good oil on the venue, it seems to be the same property at which he brought cups of tea to the waiting press some time back.

The question of course is – was it rigged or was it a Kate-mammary-glands, long-lens affair? If the latter, then that, plus the surveillance gear trained on Carrie’s every sigh and scream, could only result in counterproductivity.

Then there is Hunt’s cowardice jibe.

Then there is just the look of these leftists – could they look more vile?

It just seems to be playing right into Boris’s hands. As for the moral dimension, well, I must needs support him returning to his long-suffering wife but against that – she’s a leftist. And against that, so is our Carrie. Actually, Boris is too.

And does Nigel dislike the ladies?

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