Google politics, Codswallop in court, Boris no debate, never Hunt

Google has crossed a line

Many would have said it was time long ago to ditch google and though I knew it, plus resent their way of reading my emails and suggesting improvements, I’ve stuck with it because the all-in-one nature of the package was, naturally, useful online to a blogger, it opened easily into other apps.

However, this appears to be so OTT and now it’s out … weeeeelllll, planning I am.

[Notice how quickly this was taken down? The forces of evil are out there doing their all-encompassing worst.]

Codswallop in court

For those not au fait with British politics, there’s a leftwing rag called the Guardian and they have failed in their duty of protection of this silly bint Codswallop, instead feting and celebrating how she singlehandedly [don’t forget women can do anything equal to or better than men] has taken on the beastly, toxic men of the right – you know, heroine etc.

She was doing the Trump Russian conspiracy thing as part of the Guardian – yes, the same crowd who’ve been running with this surveillance of boris’s bird’s home but this time they’ve picked on the wrong guy and he’s bitten back.  He says prove it or pay up.

Her reaction?  To apologise?  Nope, she says he’s just a great big bully picking on a defenceless woman for defaming him.

Boris not debating

The boy is learning:

I do feel there’s a general obligation [ignored in the case of the Coronation of May] to set out the stall and take questions on it, at times since Kennedy, it’s gained points at the polls, but if it’s not your forte, probably best not to, better to dent the poll rating than lose altogether in a total stitch-up.

Since HIGNFY, Boris has become more cautious about elephant traps.

Never Hunt

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7 comments for “Google politics, Codswallop in court, Boris no debate, never Hunt

  1. fos
    June 25, 2019 at 06:39

    ‘but if it’s not your forte, probably best not to’ – I suspect Boris Derangement Syndrome has set in here.

    1- This is the geezer who is supposed to be a brillant orator.

    2- I don’t understand why answering questions about a completely fractured private life is so off limits.

    3- He is a walking shambles. [I have personal experience of one small aspect of that, I’m not just parroting his enemies.]

    4- He is a closet lefty: green as they come and shacked up with a green campaigner. He will say whatever the listener wants to hear.

    In the choice of their leader the Tories have repeatedly shot themselves in the foot since the days of the Major slimebucket. They have learned nothing from the May disaster and are now on the way to appointing an even bigger disaster.

    Just for clarity: Of the 650 currently in Parliament, IMO 640 should be sent out into the fields on a Maoist-style re-education programme straight away. Till the ground by hand on one NHS sandwich a day. The remaining 10 (e.g. Redwood) might be left untouched.

    • June 25, 2019 at 06:45

      No argument here.

      But we have what we have. Hunt has set out his stall to do what the forces of wrong want – Clarke happy to wreck the Tories.

      Boris is still paying lip service to the right thing – a wobbler currently supporting good. Let’s see when Clarke, showing himself to be the ringleader with Hammond, locks horns with Boris.

      Farage currently has a strong hand.

  2. fos
    June 25, 2019 at 06:55

    Good for Farage. Let’s wreck the Tories. I just hope Farage doesn’t do a deal – he will lose all his purity.

    What does the Tory party care about its constituency members?:

    Guido: ‘Interesting choice from the Tories over the weekend who re-selected expense-fiddling MP Chris Davies to fight the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election after he was unseated by a recall petition’.

    == suck it up, serfs.

  3. James Strong
    June 25, 2019 at 07:14

    I have never been able to understand Boris’s appeal.
    To me:

    He is not a great orator. His speech patterns, his hesitations, his intonations are all intensely irritating.

    He has a history of lying, as a journalist and as a politician, ( and that leaves out his history of lying as a husband).

    He has lousy judgement. Even if it were true there was no need for him to say that Nazarin Zikhari Ratcliffe (check spelling, but you know who I mean) was in Iran to train journalists.

    And yet he is the least appalling of the remaing candidates for the Conservative leadership.

    By far the best candidate for PM in the short and medium (5 years or so) term is Nigel Farage. A clear message, well articulated, inspiring to millions in its optimism.

    Since the famous Chequers Cabinet meeting I have said that I simply do not know what will happen re. Brexit. After the referendum I rather assumed that we would just leave the EU. Clearly I was wrong.

    The best obtainable outcome now is to have a General Election with clear blue water between the competing parties. Expose the true policies, ambitions and attitudes of all parties and candidates.
    I think the Brexit Party would do very well.

    • June 25, 2019 at 07:29

      The big winner out of all this are the popcorn venders.

    • fos
      June 25, 2019 at 08:18

      1- The people don’t elect a PM, just a parliament – and the rot starts there.

      Parliament will decide what happens with Brexit (it doesn’t want it) – and Boris is the one with the least chance of affecting its decision.

      2- ‘The best obtainable outcome now is to have a General Election with clear blue water between the competing parties.’

      Not a chance. One third are lefty/green Cameron placemen; nearly two thirds are self-interested, careerist troughers whose opinions are whatever is required of them; there is a sprinkling of sensible ones (but they have been kept away from power for 20+ years). They will all vote for the climate crap that is going through currently. Why does anyone want to keep this lot in power? Labour will be worse – but at least we didn’t actively choose them.

      The ‘British People’ need and will get their punishment beating: Major, Blair 3x + Brown, Cameron-Clegg, Cameron, May 2x. They asked for it. Karma time, not popcorn time.

      • June 25, 2019 at 08:55

        Plus 2020 Laura-ing.*

        *looming – sorry about the US ref. 🙂

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