Harry’s girl

It started in such a nice way – this artist is clearly enamoured, many liked her in Suits once they got to hear about the show:

Harry had finally secured his maiden, with one mistake in the past only, all was well.

Then the tales started coming out about the earlier marriage, the first of her three, about the way she treated people … and so on.  None of it proven, all hearsay, perhaps by disgruntled people cast aside by her reluctantly having to be released by her and so came the wedding, the story of the father, the comments by her sister and brother.

Then came the pregnancy [or maybe before] and by now, some were even doubting that:

I’d say the majority, though perhaps not liking her all that much, may have taken the view – well, benefit of the doubt, let’s see.

Then came the publicising of the rift with brother and sister-in-law, the way only children and pensioners now seemed enthused – and that was about where it was until Distant Relative dropped this into our laps – it’s by Celt News:

All right, I’m not sure what the bias of the Celts would be on this, perhaps you can enlighten us – but they’re certainly on her case – in fine detail. I could make a counter-case, playing devil’s advocate and shall do so further down, but first, from comments, no claim from me as to their veracity:

#  Just some of the concerns many of us have had for Prince Harry, regarding what we have noticed of Meghan Markle’s treatment of him and some of the alleged things we have heard. It seems she has been disrespecting him, not just as a royal, but as a husband. Most of this is old news but this recap shows how difficult this last year has been for Prince Harry.

#  He will get very tired of this behavior. She is such a fraud and this is exactly why people do not like her because of her own actions.

#  Walking on eggshells doesn’t even describe what he’s going through. I actually felt scared watching this.

#  The clip with the interviewer where she snaps at him for not paying enough attention to her – that’s the REAL Migraine Meghan – “”look at me or I’ll break your leg.”‘ I am beginning to understand why Thomas Markle Sr asked Harry ‘ “”please never raise your hand to my daughter.”‘  I was despising Harry for going along with that witch but he has red flags associated with an abused spouse.

#  Harry looks so miserable! Those pictures speak 1000 words. He is literally just trying to get his hand back in one of those and she will not let go!

And so on.  Let me put a counter-case:

#  She lacks security because of her upbringing, she leaves everything she knows on his say-so, he promises to protect, hence the hand-clenching and he is disgusted and appalled, not by her but because of what his bro and sis in law have brought his wife too, also the public – remember his open letter?

#  Of course he’s cognisant of protocol, knows when to clasp and when not to, she doesn’t know, so he has to teach her all that too.  She’s also chafing at the bit, he loves her to bits and fears she’ll scarper.  she’s in floods of tears each night, calling out for someone – her mom?

#  He’s therefore going off his brain.  He’s not a bright lad at the best of times, Stormtrooper Harry, this is all new to him, it all seems to be going wrong.

That’s the best I can do.  A lady called Julie Hale wrote:

#  He looks so miserable but he made his own bed by not being strong enough to tell her to get stu**ed and go away. He didn’t have any trouble telling other woman goodbye why not her?

There’s something to this and here’s the personal element to this post. Someone forthright, a bit cavalier, a bit wild, sometimes even callous, but also a bit soft in some ways, might not attract the serious girl, the quiet mouse, the ‘good’ girl – in fact he might attract someone far more spirited and as long as he stays spirited like that, they have a lively relationship.

It might just work if it can stay together for long enough.

However, our cavalier chappy now drops that and starts to be the lovesick puppy for her, he loses the ‘oomph’ she once liked in him, the exciting life she was hoping for now seems somehow remote and he seems, dare she say it – a tad boring.

And it starts to wear him down, making him even less attractive, he becomes less careful with the shaving, he becomes ‘unpolished’, not that he ever was squeaky clean.

Many start to feel sorry for him, advise if whispered in his ear, she picks up on that and resents it. In other words, in her eyes, this was false advertising – he gave out one vibe – the alpha – she fell, now he’s giving out the beta.

She can take that if she sees the main chance close to fulfilment, she can say be damned to the populace – Wallis Simpson did.  Nice cottage, plenty of time in Africa – they could do all right, never short of a dollar or pound.

Unless …

Unless …

She’s really not a very nice person, in which case their troubles will follow them. And the age old scenario commences – as she becomes more shrill, more shrewish, then just as with Hal VIII, he starts to take comfort elsewhere.

We can only wait and see – we’re not even sure about the baby – anyone seen pictures, apart from that swaddling clothes one?

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  1. Distant Relative
    June 12, 2019 at 18:34

    Only came across that vid/channel a couple of days ago. Seems to be pro the Cambridges based on other vids, fwiw.

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