Interesting Tuesday topics [1]

What we have here, readers, is an interesting phenomenon – when you have it set up so that interesting things come through, then interesting things do come through, our main source Chuckles and haiku but others too – result is overload, in the sense of having to prioritise and edit.

Sometimes a series of posts can be made, sometimes a post, sometimes half a post, sometimes one section in a post, sometimes a url. This morning, some very interesting ones have raised their heads, so best get them to you over the next few hours.

1. Weather – not the best at the best of times, this North-West weather is such this morning that it’s depressing – constant drizzle, pinging on metal out there, my room is close to the house spouting and roof and so it comes through depressingly, pinging the entire time. Streets out there are black, the swish of tyres as earlybirds go to work.

Check these out – screenshot[ted] at 08:41 our time:

Almost diametrically opposite parts of the world, same weather.

2. A gal on Twitter raised an interesting one about the bizarre Justin Bieber challenge to Tom Cruise in some three letter fight – U something – I presume it’s a fight to the death.

Now, methinks Tom should take that one up, I asked – didn’t Cruise do most of his own stunts?  He should take Bieber.

Leggy has now weighed in on this:

1 comment for “Interesting Tuesday topics [1]

  1. microdave
    June 11, 2019 at 11:27

    The present generation don’t need to be able to start a lawnmower – they will simply buy (on credit, no doubt) an absurdly over priced battery electric job…

    I remember the ancient Atco cylinder mower we used to have, complete with a pre-war Villiers two stroke engine. This had a cast iron deflector top piston, and one piece cast iron cylinder & head. There was a crude kick starter, and it was at best temperamental. The snowflake crowd would be appalled at the “Carbon” emissions it produced (when I managed to get it running)…

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