Interesting Tuesday topics [4]

1. Food for thought:

Esther la Fey [Morgana] has two Remoaners backing her, no Leavers – interesting eh?

2.  We don’t do enough drugs here at N.O.  While Gove’s snorting coke and everyone else seems to be too – sort of a candidacy qualification – the real story of drugs is not good:

I’d like to make a distinction if I might between someone like Hunter S. Thompson:

… whose ego was beyond all reason, but what it comes down to with him was that his generation was the same one as that law enforcement officer in Tuesday [1] – made of pretty tough material, whereas that girl above starts with a bad grounding and takes drugs to cope.

HST is, of course, dead. The girl is a mess, anyone weak who takes drugs is on the downhill path.  Many strong people without huge egos also go that way.

Does ego save you? No, not really, just thought I’d observe that though.

Also, remember that HST was the master of gonzo journalism:

… and anything he said can be taken with a pinch of coke.

What will save you?  Do I need to spell it out?  The Salvos can tell you – they know what it’s like on the street.

Question – to what extent do your think world plus personal decisions are being made these days in a drug-addled way?

And the second part of that question – just how safe do you personally feel?