1. First in the instructional series – how to park your vehicle:

2. BRM brings satire, via Rossa’s mother:

In a move to make purchasing congresspeople easier and faster for lobbyists, Congress voted to approve a new measure that calls for congresspeople to wear barcodes on their foreheads so lobbyists, activists, and corporations can simply scan them and self-checkout.

Self-checkout machines will be installed at all exits of the Capitol Building, so once they’ve added congresspeople to their cart, lobbyists can pay right on the way out.

“Purchasing congresspeople used to be a time-consuming, expensive process,” said a Planned Parenthood representative. “Now, we can simply walk through Congress, scan all the congresspeople that are for sale, and checkout without having to interact with any humans.”

3. A cautionary tale:

4. Second in the instructional series – how to assist your district with parking:

5. People who are biased:

6. It’s almost as if the incompetence is designed in:

7. With the summer coming, how to go camping [third in the instructional series]:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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