The elephant in the room …

… yet again.

SEX offenders, child abusers, traffickers and stalkers are among thousands of North-East criminals to escape prosecution after confessing to serious crimes.

Concerns have been raised over police use of out of court disposals after an investigation found they had been used against guidance for major offences.

Rape, child abduction, arson with intent to endanger life and grooming were among the grave crimes resolved via ‘community resolution’ by the region’s forces between 2014 and 2018.

The disposals – used more than 35,000 times in the North-East – are designed to tackle minor offences and will not appear on criminal records or basic DBS checks. They are not classed as convictions.

A nationwide investigation conducted by The Northern Echo in conjunction with the BBC’s Shared Data Unit analysed more than 430,000 community resolutions and found that they had been used against guidance for thousands of serious crimes which could otherwise attract a jail sentence.

I’m not running the video clip because 1. not everyone has Twitter and 2. it’s noting something in passing, not indulging over it:

Why?  Why is he doing this?

Because he can, he has told you over and over that you welcome all this, you love it, therefore you’re getting heaps more of it.

Oh, you say, that’s bollox, no one wants this. Oh but you do – you keep voting that Javid back in. You keep voting the lot of em back in.


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  1. Distant Relative
    June 18, 2019 at 11:04

    Don’t just boycott Morrison’s – inundate them with letters of complaint first to tell them exactly what you think of their practices and then boycott them.

    • June 18, 2019 at 15:10

      They have a complaints line too.

      • Distant Relative
        June 18, 2019 at 18:57

        Don’t waste time on the minions who don’t make company policy, go straight to the top and give this pair some grief.

        Andrew Thomas Higginson (born 10 July 1957) is a British business executive. As of 2017, he was the Chairman of Wm Morrison Plc,[1] Non-Executive Director of Woolworths in South Africa,[2] Chairman of N Brown Group[3] and Chairman of ITC Luxury Travel Group.[4]

        David Tom Potts, CBE (born 18 March 1957) is a British corporate executive. Since March 2015, he has been the CEO of the British supermarket chain Morrisons

        Source Wiki

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