There’s a pattern to these parachuted non-comps

We’ve done this before and here are some examples to which we’ll add those below:

We’re speaking of the uncanny way that exactly the same type is parachuted in – is it from the psychometric and sociometric testing that this lot come through or what is it?

Every one of these above here has been or is in a position of influence, from union rep to Prime Minister, most of them have that drak hair to either side, all are middle-aged or getting that way, all are thickos to a greater or lesser extent, all are Narrative driven, all from western nations, natures range from largely benign but hopeless to vicious and as readers well know, these are but eighteen from a rogues gallery of hundreds, maybe thousands.

Uncanny or designed that way?

And so to our last one from yesterday:

Same motif, same type. Something most certainly missing. One could get fanciful and say every one has been made into a Manchurian before she’s unleashed, the least fanciful explanation is that there is something very wrong in the HR process, in its selection methods.

Right for the bosses, wrong for the victims – in May’s case, the country and beyond.


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