1. Always remember:

2. And still on the topic of gender – gender parity:

“I heard that there were two films by female directors in Cannes this year that were unwatchable,” says Andrei Konchalovsky.

Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky, known for Hollywood movie Tango & Cash and a winner of two Silver Lions at the Venice Film Festival, has lashed out against international film festivals’ gender parity pledges.

“It’s hard to imagine a more absurd decision,” he was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency TASS about the pledges made by festivals from Berlin to Venice and Cannes. “It all testifies to Europe’s decline. What would the next step be — mandatory representation [at festivals] of sexual minorities and people with disabilities?”

The director continued: “There are statistics, and only a blind person can’t see that there are more male than female directors in the world. Just like, for instance, [there are more male] orchestra conductors and trombone players. This just contradicts physiology.”

Well, that’s him off the international invitees list then.

3. People keep spotting Teslas with snoozing drivers on the freeway:

Makes one feel more secure somehow.

4. Kevin Sorbo was the main man in the Andromeda series but of course has moved on from there. My fave character was Trance Gemini, played by Laura Bertram. KS has posted on Twitter about his latest film, nothing to do with Andromeda:

Nice to see he’s one of us:

5. Noteworthy:

On this day in 1903, Ruth Graves Wakefield was born. Bless her soul: She was the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie.

6. The Slog nails it:

In the latest profoundly meaningless Meaningful Debate, the Fatuous Five managed once more to say as little as possible, with the exception of Rory Stewart who always has far too much to say. In another display of quite staggering disdain for the electorate, the Parody Candidate declared he would “not allow a damaging and unnecessary no-deal exit against the consent of Parliament”.

Rory Boy’s English is almost as bad as his logic. Parliament did not give its consent to anything, it illegally demanded “No No Deal” (having done a U-turn on what it had overwhelmingly made the default option two years earlier) and also ignoring the statements of many Leave speakers during the Referendum that we should leave without a deal if the EU played dirty. Which it did, of course.

7. You could see this as retarded as you could see it as the start of the pushback:

The issue is, as has been said many times before – it’s not what they do in private [and Christians will find this boJo backsliding] but the sheer numbers, plus their out of proportion influence – they take it onto the streets, they take it into schools and target children – that can never be forgiven.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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