Wednesday topics [2]

Time for Amfortas and some tasty royal actresses.  He writes:

Harry is not the only Royal to marry an actress. Sophie Lara Winkleman is an (English) actress, too. She is the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor (‘Freddie’), son of Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin Prince Michael of Kent, and as such is also known as Lady Frederick Windsor.

She is best known for being one of those who “I saw you coming’ customers of Harry (hah!) and Paul, the comedians. Although she has also had parts in dozens of TV and film productions.

A very attractive girl (as another of Harry and Paul’s characters would say).

Interestingly, that is the very Freddy with the lizard eyes [N3] in a previous post on balcony royals.

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  1. Distant Relative
    June 12, 2019 at 11:02

    Fred is thought to be a recovering druggie – could account for those eyes. Certainly has better taste in wives than Haz has

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