What is far right?

Lana Lokteff is an American of Nordic extraction, she and partner write and speak of Europe and include America as part of the West.

She raises a very interesting question, speaking of preserving ‘white’ culture, which is unfortunate in my eyes because though she uses the name of a colour, what she mainly speaks of is Western cultural traditions, just as I do, English too, British for those into the Union.

I don’t see things as black and white, colour has not been the focus of my attacks, though it is very much the focus of the left, in particular attacking the ‘white’ male of a certain age, wanting him dead and gone.

The N1 enemy of us, it seems, are the revolting feminazis and their pussified male acolytes.

Some tweets:

# Supreme Court rules 5-4 that you can’t use Quran to be sworn into Federal office. Big question is: who were the 4 bastards who were voting for this?

I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing – there is no place for Shariah.

# What’s becoming very evident is that there is a large portion of America that wants to be juvenile and never grow up-thus, the push for socialism were seeing. At some point those of us enabling them through taxes are going to revolt! I’ve had it with all of it!

They were a US male and female, I identify with both. This is a UK woman I identify with, writing:

# ‘Sorry, not sorry’. What a horrible woman and like all the rest of this horrible luvvie crowd, she believes she’s virtuous.

She was referring to Brand whom I do not identify with in the least. Would I identify more with Brand than Serena Williams? Line ball. With Omar in the States? Line ball. All three are revolting.

How about Thomas Sowell? Good man in my eyes. Candace Owens? Good woman. Michelle Malkin? A babe. Michelle Fields? Yuk. Soubry? Yuk. I wrote to Yasmin Alibhai Brown after she promised to leave the country:

# Listen woman, will you please just GO!!!

Boris? A rogue, a silver spooner and yet amusing. Corbyn? Yuk. Arron Banks? Fun. This creature below?

Yuk. My Parisien [sic] Millennial friend? Fine. Kassandra in Holland? Fine.

So where does all that leave me? Off the hook as far as racism goes? Nationhood? Well, just as I was congratulating myself on my tolerance, up came this:

The one on our left, the huge mama, calls herself Scotland. That’s not her name, nor is it Patricia – she was born in Dominica, not even here. OK, she married some outer temple lawyer – I knew nothing of either till now, being in Russia all of Blair’s reign.

Scotland resides in London and in Asthal, where she and her husband, also a barrister, live with their two sons.

Why won’t they name the hubby? Is there something to hide? Well, I found out that he’s one Richard Mawhinney, I looked him up in the outer temple records – scorched earth. If I want to know anything, I can make contact at one of the addresses. Uh huh – one of those addresses is Abu Dhabi.

His photo, which I found, seems to suggest he’s from here, that’s how she was allowed to stay I suppose.

Now came all her crimes via our dailies online – harbouring illegals etc. – no worse than the traitors in parliament. No, what was sticking in my craw was that this Dominican was being called Scotland and was somehow a baroness – how on earth did that happen? What on earth has she ever had to do with Scotland, the culture and place?

Imagine I went to Guiana for example, and they made me a bona fide prince or whatever they have – how would that go down with Guianans? I’d wager not too well. How do Scots feel about her being called Scotland?

How would I feel about Thomas Sowell as Pres? Not an issue – born in the States, is at one with the spirit and culture of the place, the ‘ancient’ so to speak, in a way The Band were, though they had Canadians in there.

Obama? No way, never, ever. So what are my final criteria – are they nationalist/cultural? What are they? Why will I accept some but not others and in particular not that Gina creature, plus this Dominican? What about a great African cleric – and there are many?

Well here we’re getting into a strange area. Provided he was legal, if his cultural roots very much tie in with ours – I say why not? It does seem the culture that is the issue here, the belief system.

Lana said:

No other species on the planet would celebrate like a Disney style song the crowding out, the replacing of their kind with another. No, they [other species] would fight with every last bit of their life not to be overtaken in their territory.

Some say we’re not animals – no, for at least animals fight to survive and do anything to feed their young. On this planet, only White Man [she includes women here] has been duped into thinking their tribes don’t matter, that their territory can be shared with the whole world and that all will be utopia. Only White Man has learnt to hate himself, his ancestors and not want the best for his children.

It is a sickness only known to Western Man.

Hard times create strong Men, strong Men create good times, good times create weak Men, weak Men create hard times.

Eastern Europe looks at the West [with America] and sees a suicide mission under the guise of a party [meaning a celebration]. Too many Europeans are falling to a deadly con.

Look at Denmark in the past few days.

We live in times where everything is upside down. what is actually putrid, disgusting death is hailed as the ideal to strive for.

Just look at this latest HBO thing in the states where porn is openly being shown to children without parental approval. And of course it’s gay, tranny and all that, not one wholesome influence anywhere.

What is it all leading to? a world of ruin, darkness, ugliness, corruption, perversion and violence.

IMHO, the immigration is only one part of it – it’s the loss of culture, its replacement by revolting things, it’s about teachers in schools teaching little kids how to be trannies and gays.

The latest you may have seen is parents taking their kids out of school when the teacher held a competition to see who could put the condom on the phallus fastest – you think that that’s OK?

Lana does not and I agree.  Where I disagree with her is where she has adopted the framing the bigots of the left have put on it – that, for example, something is about colour- she’s accepted that framing and argued for ‘white’.

It’s like this ‘straight pride’ thing and the strong pushback by heteros against it – yes, hetero pundits, not the opposition.  Why?  Because it’s accepting the other side’s framing, giving it credence and playing our part in their framing, which they control.

No, no, no!

We frame the debate in our way and argue accordingly. This is why I do not go MGTOW, because it is accepting the feminazi framing and then pushing against it. My framing has these feminazis as sad, duped members of a huge, global push to destroy civilisation, to kill off the spirit of humanity, certainly at the beginning by killing off the West, not some legitimate counterargument.

We must do our own framing and never deviate from it, refuse to engage the left using their definitions. We use ours.

Lana made the point that the West, being soft and not having experienced what its forefathers had, just allows anyone in, in the name of peace, love and tolerance, whereas Eastern Europe knows by bitter experience not to.

Thus, as mentioned at Unz:


In a matter of weeks, hundreds of thousands of people—most of them young and male, from Syria and other parts of the Muslim world—illegally overwhelmed the hapless southern European border controls.

Before long, columns of them were marching through Eastern Europe, determined to get to Germany or the UK and “claim asylum”—ignoring the assorted “safe countries” through which they’d already passed. Finland-based English anthropologist Dr Edward Dutton was fascinated by the huge differences in how different ethnic groups reacted to these supposed “refugees.”

Western Europe went into virtue-signalling, faux-pity meltdown, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking in a million refugees and Finnish Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, disingenuously offering to place some of them in his own house.

Eastern Europe, in stark contrast, saw this as an invasion of their ethnic homelands, with even their ruling class making clear that they weren’t going to take “EU quotas” of these future suicide-bombers.

I can’t start to explain to people who’ve lived soft for so long how it is seen on the frontline – that is, Eastern Europe.  They are not bigots, they have centuries of experience of it. And I got to live there and see and hear these things.

Came back here to this insanity.  Sheesh.

[H/T Chuckles for part of the above]

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  1. Luther Burgsvik
    June 15, 2019 at 12:33

    Henrik is indeed Nordic, but Lana Lokteff is Slavic. Her parents moved from the USSR to the US in the Cold War IIRC.

    As for the race thing, yes Thomas Sowell is a more reasonable chap than obnozious oiks like Owen Jones, but he’s an outlier. The Bell Curve and all that jazz. Look at Detroit circa 1900 (90%+ white) vs Detroit circa 2000 (90%+ black). Same city different race. One, motor city. The other, a third world urban strip-mine. There’s the reality of race.

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