6. It’s all about culture, not race

1. Sovereignty in this country
2. Legal reasons we can leave right now
3. The principle of prerogative
4. The situation in France
5. Masterly inactivity and executive action
6. It’s all about culture, not race

If the language from Them is all ‘racist, racist, racist’ or ‘equality, equality, equality’, you can be sure the real issues are otherwise.

Islam is not a race, it’s not Bantu, nor specifically Arab [see Asia], the Iranians are not Arabs.

So the invented ‘Islamophobic’ can only mean anti-alien-culture and anti-death-cult. There is a vast difference here – supporting one’s own roots, one’s own culture is as natural as family.

What was/is the whole Rotherham/Telford thing?  It’s the mass impregnation of the ‘white’ female to produce mud-coloured Muslims, in order to kill off the historical over-achievers of Europe.

And they choose the victims, not us. They are the identity politics crazies, not us.

The ‘white’ males in the eyes of TUA die off, the mud-coloured Muslims remain. Is the issue the mud-colour itself?  I say no, not if that person is just as wedded to our cultural roots, is Christian, knows British history backwards and revels in it or at least acknowledges its preeminence.

This is clearly not the case with Islam, a caustic, predatory, alien, cuckoo cult which gains followers through coercion such as, but not limited to, the Rotherham/Telford thing.

There are various apostates online and one made it quite clear – she says they’re out to kill every Caucasian European, to alter the whole face of Europe.  And of course, then they come for the Jews.

They’re certainly out to replace, there is not the slightest doubt about the intention of the Imams through their ‘flocks’. Complicit heads and teachers subject the children to indoctrination in mosques, in schools.  Ostensibly to show various cultures and faiths – bollox, it is simply to indoctrinate – that is what Islam is, its very nature is to coerce.

And who is the real enemy out of which come the Kalergi and other plans?  Same boss as the Muslim boss. Same guy – the Stones are quite familiar with him.

That school where the Muslim parents turned up to protest the teaching of sicko sexuality to kids – who would disagree with those Muslim parents on that issue?

Who could oppose the opposition?  Well only those for the teaching of sicko sexuality to kids.  In a contrived confrontational situation like that, if you’re against one evil, you must therefore, according to the narrative, embrace the bundled in opposite evil – that’s how it’s framed, that’s how it’s a win-win for evil. Either the gay-paedo-tranny thing comes out on top … or the Muslims do.

Where is the third lot of parents, those from our cultural roots, saying we want neither sicko sex taught nor Islam?  Ah – they’re not allowed to appear at this photo-opportunity at that school.

And that’s what’s going on.

This country has always embraced a certain number of largely assimilating migrants who add to the culture without changing it en masse. We all eat curries, eat Chinese – so what?  We eat pizza.  The cricket and football teams are full of the legal sort.  Priti Patel – if you heard her talk but could not see her, she comes over as educated English.

A certain number, assimilated – it’s really a very simple principle.

Within reason.

Points system says Boris.

Why only now it’s too late?

Nigel has been at this for decades.  He was at pains to explain it was no way racist to wish to regulate who comes in and out – what on earth is wrong with that?  Which nation outside the west does not do that?

Let’s say we have no issue with Slavs, Magyars, Germans, Spanish per se coming in – they’re part of Christendom – and the Poles we owe it to because of wartime.

Yes but it’s not the cream coming here, is it?  We’re not getting their very best.  It’s the dregs going straight onto welfare.  The crims, the riff-raff.

And that’s the point – immigration controls are specifically to keep out the worst elements and embrace the best.  Do you know of any immigration system not running along those lines?

Well yes – today – ours.  PTB, they are the crims behind it.  The Muslims are just a bunch of crocodiles and ravening lions – let them into your house and there’s your baby and toddler dead.

No, the true crims, the traitors to the people, are the ones this blog has been on about since day one.

There can be little doubt that this post is distasteful to some readers, I see the word ‘racist’ forming on the lips.  I certainly plead guilty to anti-alien culture but I’ll be damned if I’ll accept untruths about flung weasel epithets.

The cultural aspect is everything in my stance and I suspect in so many of yours too.

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4 comments for “6. It’s all about culture, not race

  1. Penseivat
    July 26, 2019 at 17:34

    Perhaps the points system has its merits, but the immigration rules shouldn’t end there. How many jihadis, foreign rapists, murderers, having been given British citizenship and are unable to be deported on release, are residing in prisons?
    Perhaps a provisional citizenship should apply? Call it a good behaviour bond. A probationary period of, say, 5 years, where an applicant is granted probationary citizenship on the understanding that if they, or any member of their family commit a criminal offence which would normally result in a custodial sentence they, and the remainder of the family, are deported. In this manner, criminal undesirables are removed while allowing them the human rights to a family life. The fact that that family life may now be in the sh*thole they originally came from is irrelevant and one that they must take responsibility for.
    Of course, the WokenSS will whinge and whine about this, but they do this about everything else anyway.

  2. Anonymous
    July 26, 2019 at 18:28

    Culture is downstream of race. A people who evolved in a certain environment will tend to have inherited certain traits, certain instincts and dispositions, peculiar to that group. The cultures different peoples create reflect this.

    There is a reason Africans and Mestizos never created the wheel. There is a reason White men went to the moon while the rest of humanity sat around scratching their asses and demanding handouts.

  3. July 26, 2019 at 21:36

    Thanks, both. Please invent a pseudonym instead of Anon so we can distinguish between one Anon and another.

  4. July 27, 2019 at 07:10

    It’s all about culture, not race

    I’m inclined to agree with that. But where does it leave countries like the U.S. that have no culture?

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