A word from Gates of Vienna

From Rossa’s mother:

This is a comment from GoV’s 17th July Newsfeed which sums things up very well……………..

There comes a point when the abrasiveness of a rough-edged individual no longer detracts from—and instead contributes to—their role as an intellectual ripsaw. Trump, with his own tantrums in tow, occupies a unique position to where his unvarnished attitude towards the most dissembling and disingenuous lot of traitors ever has a nationally (if not global) salutatory effect.

Be it Third World spitholes or the morons who would drag America into being one (for the sake of utopian, proletariat equality, mind you), Trump’s sometimes undiplomatic responses are a tonic for those fed to the teeth with such balderdash.

Often, just the sheer entertainment value of watching Trump set his dogs amongst the DNC chickens is worth any price of admission. The Cannibal Conference™ he has inspired amongst old line Leftists and their new generation of flagrant anti-Americans at times approaches high art (if not just good, old-fashioned political intrigue).

The socialite’s aura of indignant outrage and high dudgeon that’s on display in Leftist circles would be endlessly amusing were it not for their insane hypocrisy that negates it. Much like the truly criminally insane, these are individuals who need locking up, if only for their own safety or that of others.

Let us pause to give thanks that Saint Epstein—the redeemer of all outstanding DNC chits—is here to walk these cheats down their own primrose path. Sharp ears will pick up mutterings and backroom schemes aplenty as this ostensibly Moderate Mob seeks to distance themselves from one reeking manure pile after another.

The sole question remaining is who shall take it upon themselves to enlightened these transcendent political Nimrods that every heap of assets they have is just another one of the same manure piles? It’s like those wrangling Hindu disputes over cosmology that wind up being only turtles instead of whatever animalian pyramid.

For the DNC’s 2020 race it’s manure piles, all the way down.


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