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  1. microdave
    July 9, 2019 at 14:28

    “They’re tuned for down low and mid-level altitudes, so you pretty much get pushed back into your seat”

    I can remember when RAF Mildenhall still had airshows (must be 20 odd years ago?) and father and myself went down on his motorcycle to get a good spot just outside the perimeter fence. The B-1 gave a fairly sedate display, including a low level flypast, then disappeared out of view. Nothing much seemed to be happening, and nobody (except me) was really looking out. Then I spotted a small speck with smoke trailing in the distance. A small spot that rapidly became a BIG spot! I shouted out to alert everybody else, and moments later it came past, wings swept back, at (I would guess) 400+kts, just above the trees. Mighty impressive!

  2. dearieme
    July 9, 2019 at 14:30

    Her university and department were once places of significance in American culture.

    Dixieland jazz and blues music.
    At head of title: The Miami Folk Arts Society presents.
    ” … recorded for study purposes for the American Folklore Group of Miami University English Department, Oxford, Ohio”–Container.
    Compact disc.
    Performer(s): George Lewis, clarinet ; Avery “Kid” Howard, trumpet ; Jim Robinson, trombone ; Alton Purnell, piano and vocals ; Lawrence Marrero, banjo ; Alcide Pavageau, bass ; Joe Watkins, drums and vocals.
    Event notes: Recorded March 19-20, 1953 in Oxford, Ohio.

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