Every which way but the right way

Watching people floundering around like May with Brexit, searching for meaning when the solution is right before their eyes and it’s been in the culture two thousand years but no … on they go, hellbent on finding ‘other’ solutions, any other solutions but the efficacious one.

Take this for example:


Karl resurrected, yes?

The Labour Party wants all government policy decisions to be gauged against people’s future health and wellbeing. The proposed Future Generations Wellbeing Act for England would, among other things, introduce a ‘health equality audit’ of government decisions.

This ‘wellbeing’ bollox is a scam as bad as as the climate scam – worse because it targets individuals directly in the here and now. There is going to be no wellbeing when the spirit is dysfunctional and there’s a blueprint which leads to the spirit being healed without money and the whole claptrap being involved.

Let’s bring in Bruce at this point:


In no other area have there been such changes in my adult life as the expansion of dishonesty; from a few enclaves such as advertising and government to embrace all major institutions and activities, all of the time – in private as much as in public. 

Crisis of the spirit – stands out like a sore thumb. With the foe hellbent on corrupting nd ruining people’s essential nobility, reducing it to grubby me-me-me and low choices and acts, there’s not a lot of hope. Interesting that a miserable sinner like the Donald should, in his attempt to drain the swamp – which he’s actually managing to do, another 9th Circuit flipped yesterday – to whom did he look for strength?

I say no more on that. ED at Instapundit:


Meanwhile, the L.A. Times explores “How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals:”

She’s one of a growing number of young people — largely millennials, though the trend extends to younger Gen Xers, now cresting 40, and down to Gen Z, the oldest of whom are freshly minted college grads — who have turned away from traditional organized religion and are embracing more spiritual beliefs and practices like tarot, astrology, meditation, energy healing and crystals.

And no, they don’t particularly care if you think it’s “woo-woo” or weird. Most millennials claim to not take any of it too seriously themselves. They dabble, they find what they like, they take what works for them and leave the rest. Evoking consternation from buttoned-up outsiders is far from a drawback — it’s a fringe benefit.

Curious phenomenon – why would they turn their backs on what works and go for all these dark side solutions which ultimately have no basis?

The answer is in these words:

… who have turned away from traditional organized religion and are embracing more spiritual beliefs …

It’s all in those words – turning away from pointyhattism, hypocrisy, corruption, stern, offputting Ian Paisleyism, paedo priests, all the rest of it, which have been a gift to the dark side in schools, meaning that the dark side itself is never closely examined for its emptiness.

But the worst of it is that real Christians are not like these clowns who have common purposed synods and enclaves – the smoke of satan – they are more like father Brown or those non gay cake bakers – quite ordinary but with a spirituality to them nonetheless.

The unrelenting picture of Christians is never the quiet and kind person but always the maniac, the phobe, the pointy hatter, the stern fire and brimstoner – the secular world [meaning the one the dark side uses to pretend that Man has his own destiny in his hands] is handed the perfect gift to wreck organised religion and I’m with them in that – the word ‘organised’ is a red flag – man-made, hierarchies of adepts, precisely how the other side is organised [see Masonic organisation as an example].

You never, ever see these real Christians, mainly because they’re manning hospices, working in charity shops, putting flowers in the few remaining vestries, all the things taken as read in the 50s.

I was never part of that scene but my Aunty was and I knew of it. I was one of the secular masses but eventually it just became apparent that the issue in society was diminution and corruption of the spirit – interesting that the false wellbeing speaks of spirit, even of soul.

[H/T Chuckles for the sources]

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