Frank Mills

Wiki: [Frank Mills] was born in Montreal, Quebec. He was raised in Verdun, Quebec and started playing piano at the age of three.

Mills attended McGill University for five years.[citation needed] At McGill, he initially studied engineering, but eventually switched to the Department of Music. He entertained his Delta Upsilon fraternity brothers with songs from ragtime to Bob Dylan (a new musician at the time). The fraternity piano had thumbtacks on every hammer and produced a unique sound.

Mills released an album in 1974 that featured “Music Box Dancer”, but it was not a hit initially. When he re-signed with Polydor Records Canada in 1978, the label released a new song as a single, with “Music Box Dancer” on the B-side. The single was sent to easy listening radio stations in Canada, but a copy was sent in error to CFRA-AM, a pop station in Ottawa.

The program director played the A-side and could not figure out why it had been sent to his station, so he played the B-side to see if the record was mistakenly marked. He liked “Music Box Dancer” and added it to his station’s playlist, turning the record into a Canadian hit.

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