Meet the new boss, same as …

They say it’s the company you keep and he’s going to put in Truss and Morgan?

Journalist Rod Liddle claimed the frontrunner to be the next Prime Minister does not actually see Brexit as a “crucial issue” after all as he does not truly believe in it. Speaking on Iain Dale’s LBC show, Mr Liddle explained Mr Johnson was simply holding up no deal as a negotiating tool he had no intention of ever using, in a manner adopted similarly by Theresa May before him. The conversation arose when Iain Dale said: “If Jeremy Hunt pulls off a surprise, his problem is they’re going to see him as a bit of a Theresa May: somebody who voted Remain, maybe has pivoted since then but doesn’t feel Brexit in his gut in the way that presumably Boris Johnson does.”

On the plus side, as he’s deep inside the deep state already, his masters may decide they’ll do this Brexit thing to keep the plebs happy and the Tory party just the functional side of the line, hence the troughing goes on and Farage out.

In which case, we ‘leave’ on Oct 31 st in name. And that will be enough for said plebs whose reality comes from the Guardian and Mail. I use the word plebs there to indicate the deep state’s attitude, not mine. My attitude is that it’s time.

Next year, there’ll be some sort of manufactured crisis, be it financial or Iran and parties will be fractured, so that to meet the challenge, a govt of ‘national unity’ under Boris will be necessary, FEMA type camps at the ready.

Then all the Svali forewarned crashing takes place, the suggestion the other day about all data on a chip in your wrist goes through – the fast track people resort to in order not to be persecuted … and there is Revelation for you.

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  1. microdave
    July 20, 2019 at 11:52

    “All data on a chip in your wrist”

    Many years ago several people at my place of work suddenly “Found The Lord” and joined the happy clappy brigade. One of their number then regularly spouted off about just such a thing, and we all thought he was nuts. I still think he was nuts, but….

    Note that at least one high-tech company has introduced these to allow staff to access the building, unlock computers, etc. Of course their enthusiastic followers don’t see any problem with the concept.

  2. July 20, 2019 at 12:30

    If Bojo is, as suggested and his track record appears to endorse a sceptical view, we will not leave, in any shape or form, with a genuine Brexit. Mutti is reported as saying today that the backstop could be rejected if an acceptable NI border can be provided.

    That Merkel WA document, forced into the willing hands of May, has more horror inside than the distraction of the backstop alone. However, I see the glimmer of subtle betrayal yet again. So I hope the “confidence” Tory dagger will not be blunted, whichever dubious bloke is PM next week.

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