Musical seats

This will have to be quick, being on the move.

If Hammond and traitors go to the LibDems, Kate Hoey goes to BP, Lib Dems would probably be the main party, seen by leftwingers and all others disliking Johnson and Farage as the fallback party.

If Boris called a GE, which I can’t see him doing under those circumstances but if he did – I see the numbers going LD a couple of percent ahead of BP, itself line ball with Labour tribalists, the Tories a long way behind, the rest nowhere. That’s just percentages.

More critical of course is seats. If MPs declare for another party in this game of musical seats, no by-elections, then Boris would have to go to the Queen.

Unless parliament is prorogued of course.

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  1. bobh
    July 21, 2019 at 18:54

    The Libdems are probably the biggest danger the Brexit Party faces.

    I started campaigning to leave the EU in 1997 for the then Referendum Party. In speaking to people on the streets, it was very common for angry Eurosceptics to tell me they didn’t trust the Tories or Labour when it comes to Europe, so they were going to vote Libdem that time round!

    I had to carry the LibDem leaflets with me to wake them up.

    People are fooled into thinking, that compared to Labour or Tory, the Libdems are a safe pair of hands, somewhere in between.

    Fact is they are the most antidemocratic of the lot and always have been. Plain and straight they have completely rejected the referendum.

    • July 21, 2019 at 19:29

      “Fact is they are the most antidemocratic of the lot and always have been.”

      We were discussing this today. I took the view that it was a fallback position for the democratic who couldn’t get their devilishness through.

      You only need enough of em thinking that way …

  2. James Strong
    July 21, 2019 at 20:22

    The Brexit Party should concentrate on seats held by Labour which voted ‘Leave’,
    There are many thousands of Labour voters who will NEVER vote Conservative.
    But they might well vote for the Brexit Party.
    Ideally the Conservatives would stand aside in those seats. But the Brexit Party is not in control of Conservative election tactics.
    I tend to the view that the Brexit Party should not stand candidates against ‘Leave’ Conservatives.

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