No respect

Remember that Millennial Amy in that mock job interview yesterday? This one’s for real:

Member of Congress.  Someone actually voted for her.

A report in my ninth year of schooling, as I recall, said, ‘Inclined to take the more serious aspects [it then listed them] too flippantly.’

Guilty, y’honour, as charged and I don’t know why.  Even at this moment, there’s one reader at least I know who’s upset with me on this score. So when I post something like this, the hypocrisy meter is off the scale but … but … but …

I was brought up right. There is amoral and then there is immoral [naughty] … and you can’t be the latter without knowing right from wrong in the first place, then rebelling against it.

I’d suggest that Kamala Harris either doesn’t know or she is deliberately calling wrong right.

That appears to be the issue here. The brats in that women’s team, the Mad Cow who was always going to bring them onto her show, the Rashid creature and so on – there’s a mixture of bad parenting and bad culture involved there, from cradle onwards.

A tale illustrating this was once, with a former gf, we did not agree one evening and I stormed out. Storming out is better for me to do so I don’t do anything irreversible. Coming back half an hour later, the place was trashed and she was gone.

When I say trashed, everything had been taken off shelves and carefully placed, e.g. documents to ensure the corners did not get damaged, anything breakable had been placed on the rug … and so on. It was the worst job of trashing I’d ever seen.  After the regulation 24 hours incommunicado, we made up.

That illustrates it all in my view – she actually knew right from wrong and was pointedly doing wrong, she did respect property, family and so on – therefore anything like that was always going to be drama queen gesture and theatre.

Someone who at least recognises basic human respect, on those who don’t:

Moving on:

British of a certain kind were always more sticklers for good form than, say, Australians, but at the same time, as Jethro Tull might note – that ‘sticklerness’ [ouch] also let you bend the rules. And it’s not just the toffs – many of the less wedded to good form, doncha know, also know enough to at least adhere to a dress code on those occasions it’s right to, e.g. at a funeral or at Wimbledon.

This Sparkle though seems to have not a clue, nor Harry, but at least Harry is better. I don’t know anyone who is so constipated that everything must be by the book in a martinet way but there is this indefinable thing, is there not?  Some of my neighbours are a bit edgy but they still adhere to certain basic etiquette.  Even Tull, the bad boys of toff rock, knew good form and Ian Anderson is well spoken.

Arron’s far more pugnacious – he’s more my style – also articulate and can dress properly when meeting Russians … er … when meeting five star:

As for the Guardian’s Coswallop, also add Newman and Maitliss – not a clue how to behave. Arron is rude, Nigel is rude and I am rude – but in decent language.

Quite agree with Isabel and Arron suing Codswallop:

This was the issue:

I actually find Isabel a sweetie but that’s neither here nor there.

Now people, this is where we are – at this crossroads between being able to string two sentences together, having at least half a brain and insulting buffoons in the most polite way … and the truly worrying trend to sheer barbarity and oafishness, mindless inarticulation.

And look who they’re building housing estates for – for creatures who hang their boys upside down by a rope if they don’t cite the unholy book properly, plus all the rest of it – FGM, honour murders, incest.

The grammar school question is fraught but I’m actually for it, on the grounds that the brightest and hardest working poor should get a break – but you’d need to offer good salaries to staff trained in the old way.  Might be pipe dreams, that, but you know where this is leading – to steep more and more in the old idealised culture.

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