Sibi placens et stultum

Latin for ‘smug and foolish’.  This topic was touched on near the end of the ‘Obstacles’ post earlier in the day.

If you look at those four in what is now called the jihad squad, who is the most annoying and why?

For me it’s this Omar, grinning at the American people, laughing at how they can’t touch her.  There’s a certain face brickability brewing with that one.

I’m concerned in this post about why two people may be taking a position other than ours but one, in her insolence, needs ‘alf a brick in the moosh.

Is it age which confers respect?  Well not in the case of Corbyn, Pelosi, Waters, May – no, there has to be something else, although age is a starter in many cases.

Is it expertise in a certain field?  Certainly, especially if that expert is self-effacing.  Sometimes there are boastful people such as the Donald, Nigel, Jellyroll Morton, but they really were experts, they actually achieved things, so what can one say?

On that basis, what about the egregious US ‘soccer’ team? Zero respect and yet they’re four time winners. I’d not listen to a word they said about football.

I do think of the readers who come here – I’d take a guess that maybe half are older than me, some by quite a margin.  What right have I to lecture them, who am I, given their life experience?  And yet I’d be in awe of a young female sailing champion speaking about boats. I was in awe of the deputy-boss in the clothing store – I used to watch her sense of colour and fabric, she really knew her stuff and well … I was in awe.

It would take a lot for me to respect a leftist for anything and yet Kate Hoey and Sarah Champion have done some fine things – it’s not cut and dried, this thing.

Seems to me there’s certainly a pecking order and social media, being the great leveller, is no respecter of a person’s record in life – the Cortez’s see themselves as just as expert and important as that Border Patrol chief she disrespected the other day.

He eventually lost it with her, Columbo doesn’t lose it in this clip below, but then again, it’s a film.  When I see and hear those two suspects, it’s real Pukey McVomit, so utterly false as well. We’re talking there, especially with her, of getting right under the guard – this is another element to this post.

It goes beyond being an expert, beyond just insolence ad yet look at the other side – those Judges who detest TR.  It’s more than any threat he poses – they just hate him with a passion, just as with TDS across the pond.

There’s a Dr. Fell element here – for example, I know certain readers can’t stand me using the word ‘whom’ or ‘one’, as in ‘one does this or that’.  Why?  Pseudo-posh?  What is it?  Could be my own lack of respect for the undeserving.  Who decides who’s deserving?

But the bottom line is – some people have this knack to annoy, for example me having FoS working half the night on a quiz question which wasn’t even posed properly – Lord T can’t stand that either.

This one below does seriously annoy more than is probably rational.  Why?

When reputation gets in the way

Sometimes someone has the runs on the board and richly deserves accolades as an elder statesman … or did in the past … a perfect example was the KLM pilot at Tenerife:

As came out later, the flight engineer, I think it was, knew something was wrong and yet did not dare warn the captain, essentially because of the latter’s godlike status within the airline. When that happens, then everyone is in danger, especially with a tired captain not used to being called out or questioned.

Solution to all this?

Haven’t a clue.

5 comments for “Sibi placens et stultum

  1. James Strong
    July 17, 2019 at 16:59

    On the subject of respecting leftists:

    You and most of your readers are likely to be familiar with Tony Benn’s

    ‘Five Questions’.

    I think they are insightful and important; does it matter that they were framed by a leftist?

    To me it doesn’t matter at all.

    • July 17, 2019 at 20:15

      Do you have a copy?

      • James Strong
        July 18, 2019 at 06:58

        Not the precise wording off the top of my head, and I don’t know how to put a hotlink into a comment here, but the points, in essence, are:

        What power have you got?

        Where did you get it from?

        In whose interests do you exercise it?

        To whom are you accountable?

        How can we get rid of you?

        Tony Benn wasn’t posing these questions to just the EU; he said they should be asked of anyone who holds power.

      • Distant Relative
        July 18, 2019 at 07:26
  2. July 18, 2019 at 09:34

    Cheers, both. Shall tweet too.

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