The best team combination, IMHO

Where do the best novella ideas come from? The answer is that one steals them, purloins, but tries not to plagiarise. Case in point:

The nice twist here is a variation on the sexist motif of Paul or Ken trying to operate alone and along comes an Alexandra Paul to make his life hell and slow him down but then she turns out to be the one who saves him, which was then all lost in the raging third wave feminazism we have now.

But back in those delicate days, I felt that if the writers could show her true value [but not in a raving, kickbutt wonderwoman way] and if he could show his value, albeit with mistakes along the way [but not stupid, klutzy mistakes designed to show the superiority of ‘woman can do anything better’], then we could have a non-antagonistic action movie aligned more with my fave motif – man/woman teams, something which recurs in my books and short stories.

This is possibly not the best time, what with the boat, tiredness from heart, the political scene, but I’d like to write a novella around this theme of the heroine coming in from the side, not initially as a main protagonist and yet she saves the day.

What’s in it for the male? Well we can point to Julia’s tagline that: ‘You won’t see me coming…’ and I’m a great believer in it. The man soaks up most of the foe’s ire, the abuse, deflects it, she quietly observes from the side, conserving her energy …

… and then strikes with maximum prejudice.

It’s amazingly effective, although I can only point, in real life terms, to our mixed indoor cricket we used to play in which our gals were kept away from most of the heat and then they struck.  Got us into the finals – the men all negated each other, our gals were better though than theirs.

I really like mixed comps and we just had one with Andy Murray and Serena – vastly prefer this to the singles and same-sex doubles, love seeing them work together:

“After losing earlier in the men’s doubles, all the energy is the focused now on the mix,” Murray, 32, said. “We played well, returned well and served well – it is a great start.”

Williams, 37, added: “I think it worked out well, We had never played together, so it is always a learning curve. We wanted to start fast and we take it very seriously.”

Great stuff, hope it continues.

The tantalising partnership between two of the sport’s most recognisable stars has been one of the main talking points at Wimbledon since it was first mooted last week and then finally confirmed on Tuesday.


So, one ‘middle of the night’, inspiration might come and I’ll get writing.


This is my last post until evening.

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  1. Penseivat
    July 7, 2019 at 16:59

    It’s probably a lack in my upbringing, but whenever I notice Julia’s tagline “You won’t see me coming”, I automatically think of the story of the biology professor asking his female students, “When you have an orgasm, do you know what your a*sehole is doing?” to which one woman replied, “Probably out playing golf with his mates.”

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