The new Prime Minister has landed

This side of October 31st, I’m ambivalent, 50/50 and that image above will surely be the definitive image of the new PM in perpetuity.


#  He antagonises those we detest and don’t respect – he’s sent them apoplectic.  All the right people are mortally offended.

#  There’s something quintessentially English, not Scottish, Irish or Welsh about him, the turn of phrase is JRM style.

#  He does have the goodwill of many across the nation until October 31st, different ballgame after that.  His bumbling will not get him through if he fails.

#  The forces of evil are combining to bring him down, even to petty things like Hammond not taking his things out of N11, preventing the new man going in.

#  Darius Guppy in charge of Media?

#  Let’s see.


#  Lies?  Let’s see if he lies like May.

#  Carrie.

# His first appointment, Chief Whip, is a bleedin’ Remoaner.

#  Policies – One Nation is not acceptable to us, not the way he sees it.

What the enemy says

Reasonably fair


Possibly how the majority outside London see it