1. We’ve run this parody before – I’m wondering how she would now follow that up with a lawsuit or similar for wrongful dismissal etc.

Bottom line is that when they get like this, they’re nothing but monsters and he is in huge danger being in that room with her without corroborating staff.

2. Thank you, Tatum, you’ve said it for us:

‘I wanted Meghan to be the next Princess Diana, but it’s all about HER’: John McEnroe’s ex-wife Tatum O’Neal blasts ‘tacky’ Duchess as she wades into royal photo row at Wimbledon 

3. More brats [not pictured]:

4. It happens:

75 years later, woman’s lost wallet found in vent – with 14 others, Mo. church says

5. The proroguing question:

As this post is about scumbags, the bit on Major is appropriate.

6. For the techie:

Haiku: “ISPA is another warm chunk of sloppy garbage floating in the toxic hell soup of the modern internet that’s made the 2010s so joyless and tiresome at times.

Oops, there we go again, being all light-hearted and that.”

7. The return to the time of plague and pestilence: