1. Well yes – it’s the crux, is it not?

2. No further words:


For example, consider Colette Dowling’s The Frailty Myth which came out in 2000. Ms. Dowling, also the author of acclaimed feminist tome The Cinderella Complex, argues in the Frailty Myth that there are, in fact, no physical differences between men and women in the athletic sense.

Differences in athletic performance are purely a result of the patriarchy’s “hidden agenda of keeping women in their place by keeping them believing in their weakness.” She insists that “studies show gender to be barely relevant as a predictor, or limiter, of athletic performance,” she writes.

“What really counts are acquired skills, trained muscles, and movement efficiency that comes from refined technique.”

3. BRM asks an important question:


Cinnamon Ridge Dairy Farm is ranked number two in the country for milk production and it may be because their cows are fed a different ingredient.

It might sound utterly weird, but the dairy cows at Cinnamon Ridge run on coffee creamer.

The question asked was – is it still milk?

4. Turning the House into High School Land:

5. The scales fall away:


6. Tech giant stuff again:


Britain is on a collision course with Donald Trump today after unveiling a ‘digital services tax’ to grab £400million-a-year more from global tech firms such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook.

Best of British luck.

7. Lastly:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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