Callooh Callay

It’s not been a good weekend, since Friday actually, nothing mega-disastrous like a heart attack but just frustration beyond.  People let you down the whole time.

Had a call just now which showed a definite upturn, [more below], plus this:

Team Boris threatens to ban Tory ministers from BBC’s Today programme as communications director considers show a ‘total waste of time’

Chortles to hisself [sic].

Director of Communications Lee Cain considers the show a ‘total waste of time’. He has told his army of Whitehall spin doctors and special advisers to ignore it. His strategy has been backed by Downing Street enforcer Dominic Cummings

Sheet music to the eyes.

Thing is, I’m currently building a lock-up [TLU] for the ship’s boat [TSB] which goes eventually onto the mother ship [TMS] and had help promised for Saturday.

Guess what happened?

So I had to at least get the frame up, the girders, for TLU because TSB was coming Sunday, or so I was promised. Guess what?  And I’d just told my mate I could not go out because TSB was coming.

Dame fortune changed her tune today after a foul morning of rain, not helped by someone writing that he didn’t want to see my noodles but my boat, in detail. I was about to write get knotted.

There’s a specific security reason not to be posting anything just now, there are eyes reading this who are not, shall we say, friendly, and would like to do damage.  When I’m ready, when the boat can’t be touched, photos will be taken.

Frustrations really are the bane today – let me give you an example.  I’m at the supermarket, having been frustrated beyond measure about not being able to get a birthday present I need to because … well never mind.  So I went up to the checkout with the trolley and there’s a woman in front.

Now, for those not in this country, supermarkets here have conveyor belts and these plastic dividers people put between their shopping and the one in front and behind.

Ok.  Logically, there is no point whatever those dividers being stuck up near the till if you think it through, they need to be down the far end where we were.  As people load their shopping onto the conveyor, that’s where the dividers are needed.

Woman ahead was oblivious, not the slightest thought that anyone else might need a divider.  I said excuse me but might I just grab –

She went crotchety and said she was going to do it.  Fine, fine, as you wish, I thought to myself.  I looked about and everyone was in a rotten mood, grimly grimacing – part of that due to the most stupid change to the system. Most people DETEST self-serve, they want the interaction, they’re prepared to wait in line.  There were once about 14 womaned tills and perhaps 8 self-serve which never worked properly.

Now there are 4 womaned and the rest – empty self-serve.  And people were resisting in force – long queues formed at the four checkouts, to the point that they had to rapidly open two new tills.

I repeat – no one wants your blankety blank self serve bollox.  They’re trying to force customers to use them – it was truly bizarre this morning and the good part was almost no one was in the store – they must be losing millions.

Anyway, this woman ahead was oblivious.  I thought to try it one more time, as another had come up behind and had shopping to go on the conveyor.  So I asked if the woman in front could pass another divider.

Finally the cashier woke up and pushed two to the end. It was as frustrating as politics.  Yes, there are major issues for you and me, yes, politics could not be worse at this moment … and yet that checkout was far more frustrating than anything else.

Then on the way home, the driver went a certain way where he has to go right, across a line of traffic at a standstill because there’s a pedestrian crossing ahead for them.  it doesn’t take much in the way of brainpower to realise you don’t go that way.

And no one will leave a gap, no sir, they stay bumper to bumper with those ahead, inching forward, grimly determined faces.

I just said get me out of here.

However, as mentioned above, things then took a turn upwards once I got home and cooked up a few days of food, said a couple of prayers, touched base.  Not everything’s doom and gloom.


2 comments for “Callooh Callay

  1. August 19, 2019 at 17:11

    Round here most people do seem to want the interaction at checkouts. I want it and I’m not even sociable. Unfortunately our local Sainsbury’s seems to have a system which keeps checkout queues as long as possible, as if they are determined to push self service anyway.

    • August 19, 2019 at 17:42

      Yep, it’s the pattern everywhere now – dehumanise the experience, save cash on staff.

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