Distant Relative left a comment on the Pizzagate post, N126, which was the youtube below and as he says, it’s about 30 minutes long.

I know this because I watched 15 minutes or so of it, then made a start on this post.  Now try to watch it:

It’s 2 seconds long.  They haven’t removed it entirely, they left the image of Levin and as just said, about two seconds of the show.

I watched around 20:30 our time, it was gone by 21:00.

He was interviewing a man who has brought out a film on the child sex trafficking  – who is complicit, who is the customer, what happens to the child who is dragged into it.  He said that the average age, once trafficked, is about 7 years for that child.

He also said that the complicit are not just one demographic – the rich white male – but all levels all the way down – we know that from Rotherham – politicians, social workers, judges, police, teachers, head teachers, the media, entertainment.

To two of the three parties, it’s a business transaction, the child being the commodity – at $200K per child, it’s big business, as big as porn itself.  These are the ones we think it is – the ones being publicly scrutinised right now.

The third party is the punter, not just male and these have been complicit from the time they changed their values and became sex-obsessed – TV cannot run those shows unless there are punters embracing the warped values.

A good rule of thumb is if you think it’s quite OK today to do things you’d never have got away with in the 50s – then you are compromised.

There have always been promiscuous times but something always stopped them before, e.g. the Code came in in Hollywood, the war wiped out much of the Paris and Berlin sickness where wives were trafficked, where pregnant women plied their trade … and were taken up on it.

The tide ebbed and flowed but from the 70s, that German porn became available, it was almost chic to have some, many men still had the Playboys. Deep Throat came out in the cinema, then came the Peckinpah violence and so it went.

And anyone watching or wanting, anyone involved, was complicit. The changing times are obvious in this mish mash by Lou Christie below, from 1966 – it’s about premarital but he complicates it with this talk of a chapel and wanting his one and only.  Yet sex is overriding it.

The point was made in the Levin interview that there’s a connection in mindset between those who would condone and promote late term abortion, move on to after birth abortion and support the people perpetrating this. He called it one side today supporting life and the other supporting death. As simple as that.

Meanwhile, Harbag and Hewitt openly support PIE, itself amazingly open – no one worries anymore.

So yes, there’s this great mass of people at all levels who are complicit, even in their failure to hold back from viewing these things.

I’ve not mentioned the middle group yet in the transaction – these are the Allison Macks, the Ghislaine Maxwells, the female procurers of other females into it.  Miss Russia 2005 is a perfect example.

Years ago when my book was written, there was a character called Emma, a malfaiteuse who procured girls for a high-up in Paris.  A tale of fiction, and yet today, Airmiles is being surrounded and protected by the family – if you want to know who these people are, go to the OoL post called The Missing Children. Even the Vatican’s right into the whole thing.

The essential point here is to realise that this is rampant, not just an aberration of a small minority high up – while the Epsteins and Maxwells are involved at the upper level, plus the alleged high Masons, even the lowliest pleb like us who has ever looked at something like that is also involved at the other end of the chain.

You think Sodom and Gomorrah is a fiction?

Things will take their course or not in the upper echelons, the punters at our level have some thinking to do while we can, we are my second concern after the children brought into it.  Just like alcohol and chocolate, is the addiction too great in one’s lonely household?  And remember, this is not just men – women are in this too right up to their necks.

What I’m getting at – and I’ve suggested it before – is that the most effective killer of the trade is to have no punters any more. If everyone was determined not to or else not to any more, then there’d be no trade, except at Washington party level.

This issue is certainly live and kicking – they didn’t take down Levin’s show on a whim.

5 comments for “Complicit

  1. August 13, 2019 at 01:52

    Forgive them for they know not what they do.

  2. Distant Relative
    August 13, 2019 at 09:04

    It is still available to watch in short segments here

    The interview is with Jaco Booyens originally from SA now living legally in USA. He’s a film producer/director. He’s made a film based on actual events – his young sister was targeted and trafficked. He mentions stats – 90% of children trafficked are girls and questions why feminists and the MeToos are not up in arms about this – too self interested. Meanwhile the MSM more interested in attacking conservatives and pushing Dem agenda all the while the current US administration is doing more than any other to stop children being trafficked. What is forgotten is Epstein wasn’t just a dirtbag who raped a few teenagers he trafficked children across the globe aided by women procurers.

  3. Distant Relative
    August 14, 2019 at 09:55

    Nasty Business

    Connections and background shenanigans of the Epstein case, the tentacles and complicity of those in high places across the globe. Allegedly. Names were withheld for legal reasons but can be identified via open sources via web.

    And all for what?
    So some powerful, elite, rich, twisted jackasses could get their kicks?
    So that some sick, twisted, greedy shit-heels could get leverage over others?

    • August 14, 2019 at 10:55

      This is where we may differ. You can well ask for what but someone who believes in an ethereal plane sees it as an eventual agenda to corrupt and bring down out of some ancient spite in the mists of primordial time. As good as any explanation.

      • Distant Relative
        August 14, 2019 at 14:04

        It wasn’t me asking. It was the author. 🙂

        I read it as him asking on the mundane level, which is how many of the half awake will view it and hopefully start asking questions/view their “rulers” as they are and not as how they appear.

        This is how he ends the piece of course:

        Otherwise, somebody, somewhere will hold them accountable for their crimes; their damages; their perversions of justice for this most disgusting “nasty business”.
        Either in this life, or the next.
        For the sake of the victims? Let’s hope it is soon.

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