Dehumanised globalist muddy sludge


The European peoples have long thought and felt that each of them was unique, reflecting the particularly history and struggles the successive generations of their ancestors. The cultural differences of European nations have long been known, but today, genetic science is also able to quantify just how unique each nation is from a biological point of view as well.

The out of Africa bollox was exploded, this has not dissuaded these evil loons who continue the same insupportable nightmare, a horror film.

No, we do NOT wish for a muddy sludge of ex-humanity, we want each nation advertising its cultural wares and good luck to each of them.

Bypass France and Germany

Macron is going to wreck transportation of goods to Britain? Is he now? Fine – we subsidise Poland and Hungary and the like, Italy, to open ports and the goods come to us that way, escorted by naval vessels.

France and Germany will get nuffink, nuffink you hear. No trade, nuffink.

[Can’t remember if this was Rossa’s mother or Chuckles]

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