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As Newfoundland Robyn in one of those Millennial videos two days ago asked – why must it be a violent solution? I see Laura Towler as being too open to such a violent solution, but as a working class gal from an overrun town in a war zone here, it’s understandable – yes, there’ll be violence, but not from us – all violence comes from the Muslims and far left sides, or in other words, the State, through its agencies and brainwashed legions constituting 48% in the UK.

Mass immigration, with the emphasis on ‘mass’, a critical word, along with another word ‘indiscriminate’, which is what happens when they pour across borders unchecked, is not in itself pointing at one group or another – in the US, it could well mean half of South America whilst in Europe it is Africans and Muslims.

The central issue is the unfettered nature of the invasion into any country at all – Tibet, Hong Kong, China itself perhaps, which is, to state it bluntly, population replacement – it’s an assault on the people whose cultural home that land is.

I for one like much about the French and to have 5% of our population French would not faze me too much, it might add to the cuisine. To have 40%?  Well, it’s ceasing to be England then, isn’t it?

Please observe:

The first issue, therefore, is huge numbers making their permanent home in another nation and the passive, acceptance of such a thing, the Aussies long ago coined a term for – ‘cultural cringe’.

The history of England has certainly been bloody in the way all lands were in those days but a certain character of Englishman and woman was forged in that furnace and the World Wars are still too recent to forget that.

The second issue is any one group being ‘hostile alien’. We’re not speaking here of, say, American culture overwhelming us because we’re essentially ‘family’ and we have our own proud past.  No, we’re speaking here of a clearly alien way of life which is, to our culture, reprehensible, abhorrent.

I simply cannot understand a leftist excusing systematic rape of children, beatings of wives, FGM, Shariah Courts replacing those of the land and an oft-stated aim of enslaving and murdering indigenous populations.

That’s before we even get onto halal and ritual slaughter fests – barbarity beyond and no decent westerner should countenance anything like it – Spanish bullfighting is bad enough.

We’re not speaking here of ‘colonising’ which is the arrogant taking over of lands as the new ‘masters’, e.g. British imperialism, we’re speaking of an invader which has stated over and over that they want us dead – kill the infidel. In most cultures, such fanatics comprise a small percentage who unfortunately rise to the top. With the RofP though, it is rife at every level – the woman in the binbag is just as fanatical as the craziest Imam.

I saw an article at the top of Google rankings, natch, which tried to argue that it was just a tiny percentage of Muslim fanatics who are radical this way and who take the Quran seriously.

Bollox – utter tosh.  You yourselves saw the crowds in Tehran and elsewhere cheering the 911 slaughter.

Now that is just fact and many of us can and have produced the quotes and clips to show that these things are so.  The history of the west has clashed much with this lot in this war for civilisation.

Why am I bringing this up yet again?  Well, because I was sent something by a friend’s family member.  Did this family member argue that in fact there is no ‘invasion’, that in fact they do not ‘want us dead’?

Nope, not a bit of it – I was just called Goebbels.  Simple solution, innit?  Just call someone Goebbels.  Disappointing more than anything.

So let’s look at what flinging that dung could mean.  Firstly, it could be a reference to calling black white and white black and telling a big enough lie that it be believed – I suspect that that is it, because the ludicrous other reason – that I wish to exterminate – is negated by the quote above and by the post itself. ‘Non-violent solution’ was the whole theme of the post.

So let’s say that it was motivated by a belief that I was telling an enormous lie about the Muslims.  What can one do about left-liberals who refuse to see reality? Those who are so heavily into denial that they flatly refuse to see what this cult is doing and saying. This is from one of the articles in archive:

You can rape, marry and divorce girls as young as nine. [Quran 65:4]

You can beat your wife. [Quran 4:34]

You can’t be charged for rape unless there are four or more male witnesses. [Quran 24:4]

Kill Jews and Christians unless they convert or pay a large Jizya tax. [Quran 9:29]

Crucify and amputate non-Muslims. [Quran 8:12, 47:4]

Kill non-Muslims you will receive 72 virgins in heaven. [Quran 9:111]

Kill anyone who leaves Islam. [Quran 2:217, 4:89]

Behead non-Muslims. [Quran 8:12, 47:4]

Kill and be killed for Allah. [Quran 9:5]

Stealing from non-Muslims is permitted. [Quran 8]

Lying to spread Islam is permitted. (The Iran treaty comes to mind.) [Quran 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225]

It is taught in Mosques and at home and I know this, having lived in a Muslim Republic – has the man who called me Goebbels done that?  No, I’d say he lives in a cosy left-liberal enclave not unlike California or New York, devoid of reality and has never been on the front line, at the coal face.

I have done so, plus as stated before, I’ve 78 pages of references of which those verses are but a tiny fraction. At a minimum, I’m not lying – the best he could argue is that my overall context is skewed.  I’m prepared to go back to old posts and point out yet again that it is far from skewed.


And in the broader context of the bitter divide between us, the two sides of politics or maybe three are illustrated in these two questions:

1. Do you accept that there is a Them, a globalist force which can be variously termed corporatist, elitist, including the financiers and tech giants, global communism which we see most often in bansturbation … etc.?

2. Do you accept that the unfettered invasion of non-indigenous peoples as a result of the machinations of those in N1 is:

a. happening
b. a bad thing?

If you’re answer to the above is a resounding no, then you are part of the problem yourself. If however you do see it, there is hope but the issue then is how to herd cats.

Now let’s look at the left-liberals themselves over there and what they watch – major channels, MSNBC, CNN, they read WaPo and the NYT – those are typical media.

Ok, look at this:


University psychiatrist: Trump ‘may be responsible for many more million deaths’ than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao

And I’m being accused of Goebbel lies? The article quotes this:

How didn’t you fact-check him right then and there, @brianstelter?

“Trump may have killed more people than Hitler and Mao.”

20-45 million people were killed under the Mao regime, Hitler was responsible for the deaths of more than 20 million people.

This segment is shameful.

Leaving that aside and moving on, the worst thing about this divide is that one side, not both, is barefaced lying.  And that side is not us.  Yet they call ‘Goebbels’.

5 comments for “Goebbels

  1. James Strong
    August 26, 2019 at 13:30

    You don’t give Mao enough ‘credit’.

    40 million to 60 million is more likely.

    However, according to Diane Abbott Mao ‘did more good than harm’.

    To readers who think that is such an outrageous claim for me to make about Ms. Abbott: the clip of her saying it, in a TV programme wity Andrew Neill and Michael Portillo, is available on youtube.

  2. Sackerson
    August 27, 2019 at 09:20

    I think it’s all to do, not with change per se, but with *rate* of change, economic as well as political. If things change too fast the worse side of humanity comes out because people feel insecure, put upon, marginalised, disadvantaged, threatened. And we do have to watch out for those who see demagogic opportunities in playing the villain-and-victim game.

    The fault lies with our leaders, who allow and encourage this destabilising rapidity of change and in some cases perhaps have benefitted personally from serving the multinational interests that arbitrage the world’s workforces; not to mention the Johnny-Head-In-Air ideologues who wanted to “rub the Conservatives’ noses in diversity” without giving any thought for providing adequately for those who come in and those who are already here. The scale of their dreamy incompetence is breathtaking.

    And the other thing our leaders have failed to do is ensure that the secular law is fairly, firmly and consistently applied. For many who come here, a major attraction is that on the whole we are law-abiding and our public servants are relatively uncorrupt.

    • August 27, 2019 at 09:36

      I particularly agree with your later points.

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