In England’s green and pleasant land

A measure of how good that was yesterday was how the Aussies reacted:

Australia captain Tim Paine said it took “one of the great innings” from England’s Ben Stokes to beat his side in the third Ashes Test at Headingley. “A guy played out of his skin to take a Test match away,” Paine said.

Usually if they lose, the story is relegated to the middle pages, buried away but in this case, the Oz press has been fullsome with the praise:

If you trace back what was posted here, it was always on but I did think it would be Root 66, so did many. I was seriously considering attending, Headingley not being all that far from here and as I said to my non-cricket-interested mate, I’d also lost interest in the game but yesterday, the ipad was closely following the spectacle.

For the sake of the game as a game for the spectators and tele audience worldwide, it really was important that England pulled this one out.

Also, in the context of Boris, Nigel and a resurgent Englishness, then I ask why not? Why can’t it restart on the playing fields? I haven’t checked yet but do hope Boris has bought in and praised the team – these are the sorts of things, far more than mere politics, which are capable of breaching divides.

Also, the Tebbit question still stands – which team did you support in the Test? (The fact that it was Yorkshire home had nowt to do wi’it, of course, he lies. 🙂 Geoffrey was watching like a hawk and wanted to pad up.)

Also, the rugby side is looking not bad.

My mate said who cares?  I went to the Beeb site and it had been registering around 150K views – near the end, it spiked to 670K.  Not millions, that’s true, and yet nothing to sneeze at.

I think everyone knows how the global PTB have been trying for a long time to dismantle and demoralise England but can’t quite kill her off – all anyone wanted was for us to show some bleedin’ spine for once and I do not mean just in England – I firmly believe that in the context of world peace, a strong England and US are very important – other countries do watch and have been dismayed.

And I suspect the Aussies also know fullwell how things stand. Let the remaining Test matches unfold.

Stokes’ 135 not out, six weeks after his heroic display in the World Cup final, dragged England to a one-wicket win over Australia at Headingley.

“To still be there at the end and keep our Ashes hopes alive was a pretty special feeling,” said Stokes. “Moments like that don’t come along very often.”

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