It used to be all right …

Telegraph this morning:

Ghislaine Maxwell told friends she planned to ‘disappear’ as Jeffrey Epstein case ‘raised its ugly head’

The woman, still alive, with all the dirty secrets. How long alive now?

Why parents should worry less about violent video games – and more about the extremist ‘groomers’ who target them

What a damned stupid thing to write, when both are bad.

What I did when I found out my 12-year-old son had been watching porn online

First question is – what did his father do? Is his father still in your home, lady?

Boris Johnson ‘has public’s support to shut down Parliament to get Brexit over line’

A clear Popular Majority versus Parliament situation.

Poll: Young British Voters Reject Liberalism and Globalism, Want ‘Strong Leaders’

Yet the lying official pollsters keep spinning the Narrative. What everyone wants is some certainties. The global socialists play on that and in their one size fits all and is shoddy world, they promise to remove the worry of risk.

Yesterday, I was in a taxi and an idiot never even looked, stepping onto the road in front. A lady of around 63 was at a junction, traffic was going around her either side, giving her a wide berth though, her signals were mixed, no one knew what she’d do. I was about to get out and take her across. Then everyone stopped and she got off the road.

Driver said she only had to go twenty feet that way and there was an official crossing with rules. But no, she had to be cavalier, no longer with the faculties nor mobility to do it.

When I was twelve, I sailed my sabot dinghy 20 miles in a round trip from my parents’ place to a resort and back. To me, there were no dangers, the boat was sound, I had food and drink, the weather was good for it, brisk breeze, flat sea.

From what I heard later, my mother was glued to the binoculars, my father said if he’s stupid enough to try that, he knows what to do.

A couple of years later, I was sailing with another kid, all going well, safe beach, kid fell off, suddenly everything changed. It was a two person boat with spinnaker set, suddenly I was having to round up into wind to get him, apparently he struck out for shore.

Don’t know if anyone knows but when you go up into wind, it all changes, all starts flogging like crazy, I was barely holding the boat together, let alone picking him up.

Needless to say, his father was apoplectic. Yes, we could handle such a boat, obviously people had confidence in my seamanship, that father had taught me all I knew anyway, yes, the water was shallow, he was in lifejacket, the wind was onshore … and yet an unexpected missing of the trapeze hook by the boy when I’d been avoiding the other boats and the shoal meant over he’d gone.

You can drive down a highway in the middle of the night, a highway you’ve traversed a thousand times, you can be super confident in your abilities, but something is still waiting to get you – ask Joanne Lees.

There are people with agendas today.

The state wants y’all to stay at home and not risk being out there, the state wants you in your little box. So do loved ones who care – they would closet you, protect you from harm.

The adventurer, whether a 12 year old boy, a backpacking girl, a lady demanding her independence like those two girls visiting Morocco, Nemo the fish, a veteran of the war who wants to attend the commemoration and escapes from hospital – what do they all have in common?

More importantly, where’s the line? Where’s the point of balance – this side of which you say nah, best not just now or yeah, go for it? What factors count in that decision?

I suggest that this very much relates to all the foregoing in this post. I had what to some, especially today, seems extreme independence, plus we were trained in contingencies.

What if you were driving through the night and you had a puncture? What then? When did you last personally check the spare tyre? The jack?

But if you succumb to all the what ifs, you’d never do anything. As a cavalier myself, I can understand that. I also say it’s way more dangerous today.

Some might say God is looking after them. Yeeesss, if one has faith, yes, but I also believe God protects those best who are at least well prepared in the first place.

Abby Sunderland took on a round the world trip in the wrong boat, with the wrong gear and unsupported in the way Jessica Watson and Laura Decker were. All three were excellent sailors.

You know who is in the greatest danger of all? He who thinks he’s on top of it all, has the answers should anything come up. No one expects this person to come a cropper. Someone slightly more cautious gets through. Mr. Super Confident gets through too – 97 times out of 100.

Message? Phew, many messages, I’ll not spell them out.

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2 comments for “It used to be all right …

  1. August 13, 2019 at 10:09

    And here it goes again. No sooner does one of the boys send me a thing about how in awe he is of women alone going down into Africa – this:

    If it’s not Ghislaine Maxwell, it’s the Muslims (see Lara Logan and those girls in Morocco) and if the they don’t get you, there are the Africans and their attitude to women.

    Just what does one have to do to make women wake up and see sense?

  2. Doonhamer
    August 13, 2019 at 16:35

    Gislaine, just stay off yachts. Or you will disappear.

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