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Readers generally rate the best articles as those arguing a case and crammed with details and links. That’s fine on most topics.

On the paedo and intelligence question though, it is deliberately murky and misleading, all there are are snippets, many which seem to make no sense.

There is a level though, particularly when we get onto Israeli intelligence, where we’re into a completely different game, an ancient game involving ancient religion and politics. Along the way,there are intriguing names such as Matt Hancock. Now I see his tweets and his stance is peculiar.

Which gets me to the point where you really must have explored a decade ago, when the material was still around, to have any chance of understanding all this – coming to it of late is not going to give the backstory.

A decade ago, the types of stories running at N.O. were SRA, DID, McMartin pre-school, Franklin, Omaha, Omaha air force base, Walter Reed and AIDS, the massive increase in perversion and narcotics across the west, Yuri Bezmenov, HAARP, MK Ultra, Colin Ross and the Psych old boys network, then the ritual abuse survivors like Ford, Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips, the most dangerous game, Moriah Conquering wind, the Masons, the CIA, rendition flights which were also covers for the ones coming out now … and so it goes on.

Dear fellow bloggers such as Ross Fountain, now deceased, were scathing about SRA and the 80s hysteria. He and many others considered their ‘reading’ to that point tinfoil hat – but I ask now – on what basis tinfoil? After reading the articles at the end of links in both this sidebar now and below, it begins to look anything but.

There was a wealth of material on GH Estabrooks and mind control – he used drug-enhanced hypnosis and if you were following all this a decade ago, you will have the archives. for goodness sake, they even made films out of it.

The interconnection of film and reality, especially through James Bond, e.g. Iceland and the Diamonds episode in the desert – there are so many ‘hidden in plain sight’ aspects, it’s a running joke. Then we get to the pyramid on the dollar note, the symbolism posts, the hand signs and so it goes on – much being pap for the conspiracist bloodhounds, much strategic misdirection, e.g. over Obama’s origins – meanwhile, the real deal is going down, e.g. this Nicole Junckermann.

Whilst many others and I have been concentrating on Global Girl the pilot, not many have been concentrating on the mysterious passenger Junckermann. And she really opens many questions about who exactly these girls are. We’ve been looking at the paedo aspect in isolation and have Rotherham and Telford still fresh in the memory. Some know of Svali’s testimony about trauma ‘training’, even abusing children still in the womb and this latter raises another question.

When she came out with that and it was corroborated by others who got into print, it just seemed so OTT – fiends in a room physically abusing a child in the womb, then straight after birth. Certainly not OTT now in the light of Cuomo’s legislation about killing the newborn in NY if desired, free of any penalty. The difference between believing Svali before Cuomo, compared to after, is a stark contrast.

Again – unless you’ve been following the tale from the start, then you miss all these nuances, nothing is triggered in the memory, as there is no memory of cases. Do you know the Owen/Bonacci story in full?


If you’re serious about getting to the core of this thing, you not only require due diligence and thoroughness but you need to ditch prejudices now and start over, start afresh, with the possibility that the most horrific things really are happening.

Then you need to develop a Poirotesque attention to psychological patterns – who is capable of what, who is not? And for what purpose? Because there is emerging, not just the snuffing out on film of so many victims – remember that 7 year lifespan mentioned in one of the insider youtubes? For however many of those are dispensed with, a few are kept on and groomed, e.g. Virginia Roberts, but also Global Girl and Junckermann.

Is that an English name, French? Nope, Bavarian/German and what else is found over there? Solvay and Bertelsmann [Merkel and the paedo advice sent to Germany’s health clinics – posts passim], Hitler, Thule, Black Forest and that comes back to Svali.

There was a series of trials in Italy some years back and the prosecution was relying on the plethora of lies and anomalies, from phone calls to lies called out in court – they were relying on the ‘sum total’ of all anomalies. The defence took a different approach – they avoided the sum total of indicative anomalies and took each point singly, then cast doubt on it. They didn’t disprove, they didn’t need to – they just raised doubts.

And that’s what we have here. If you take each item in isolation, sure it’s not proven, except for Estabrooks and the MK Ultra convictions, but taken as a whole, which is what the police do, also with their motive, means and opportunity – that’s how they get to the crims. But conviction is an entirely different matter [e.g. with Casey Anthony].

This is a good place to start:

I clicked on the clip to get the code in an embeddable way and these words were being spoken: ‘The children will grow up with an upside down idea of morality and courage and virtue.’

That is behind the whole story of how Dalton was turned but there are so many side issues. Barr Snr was one thing to them – he had standing in the community, something Dalton required but he also had vulnerabilities [read below and other articles] which made him useful to the PTB who were really grooming, recruiting.

Digressing for a moment, Étienne Davignon, Count, head of Bilderberg for some time, was quizzed on it and replied that they were ‘good talent spotters’. Prescient, tongue-in-cheek.

This is my recommendation for the next article:


You might care to go through these too:


We’re talking very clever people at the top with not so clever people below who are ambitious and who even have an ideological reason, e.g. Cressida Dick as top cop.

Real reason someone like Junckermann is far more valuable as an asset than a man is her gorgeousness – see Global Girl and Virginia again – no one suspects her of anything, she’s a victim, remember, she’s resourced, doors open, her virginity taken was a minor obstacle for a world of power and influence she was promised, at least minor for her compared to riches beyond, where she will play a key global role.

[Christie, N and M, Inspector Grant.]

Heady stuff for a young female, it ensures she joins in and eagerly participates herself.

Allison Mack.

That’s how it works – after a while, it achieves that which Holly said: ‘The children will grow up with an upside down idea of morality and courage and virtue.’

Note the bit in the article about Junckermann’s presence online carefully stagemanaged – you think she could achieve that without patronage?

What is going on is a worldwide industry and they must get them while young, still malleable, then they are groomed.  As in any industry, minus the ethics.

What these young women end up as is assets, cold as ice, mocking the world, especially the white male.  It’s strongly reinforced by the feminazism. That was Epstein’s key role and any perversion along the way was nothing to the high-ups.

And look at some of those names tumbling out.  Sure, there are evil looking muvvers like Strzok and Brennan, easy to condemn.  Not so easy are the sweet angels.  I’m going to quote from my long book again. An asset, Emma, still unknown to people:

Of course I was attracted to that sort of thing and I might have even become his woman except that his cruelty showed through. When he had Elaine in there with him, Mademoiselle and Nikki tried to rescue her, I knew about it and didn’t care, I didn’t even care enough to warn him.

That’s the thing I have to confess, Hugh – I didn’t care, I was as bad as him. Some girls are bad inside, even sweet little mother’s moppets like me. You came to Paris and saw a different Emma – efficient, pretty and you loved what you saw. Even now you can’t see the sharp little prostitute I was.’

‘How were you rescued?’

‘By Mademoiselle of course – she and Nikki dealt with le Roux and then they arranged to have me kidnapped. They kept me in a farmhouse near the Belgian border for two months, under guard – Stefan and Michel. I had them both and tried to get them to let me go.

There are no mechanisms for taking down this system.  All right, it’s becoming public knowledge – so what, they say, it’s all changing in 2020 anyway.

The best hiding place for a leaf is in a forest

That was a rephrasing of the Chesterton Father Brown quote about where the best place is to hide a body. In a forest of bodies.

If you are going to do the above in a largely moral society, then when it comes out, they’re not going to get away with it. However, if you create a Church-dominated faux morality – pointyhattism and chanting, rituals, chained bibles, then you control the people and dumb them down.

In a secularised society, you dumb down through education [posts passim], bring in the drugs and turn good things like love and tolerance on their heads, you prostitute society and instil fear at the same time.


You create what they’re creating right now, you exclude those who stand in the way. You are now free to pursue the agenda with impunity.

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