Not fit for purpose

This is just plain wrong:

Whichever way you slice it, it’s wrong:

#  The school can couch the hiring of Unus in as many leftist buzz-words as they want; that doesn’t change the fact that her hiring demonstrates that Shenandoah University does not care about the spiritual well-being of their students.

#  Yep, the self-evident difference between true Christianity and the world’s churchianity down thru the ages. Playing church. A lot of televangelists engaged in that behavior to their own shame and eventual destruction.

The operative expression here is ‘not fit for purpose’.  It’s a completely different question about whether something should exist anyway.

Were a mosque to appoint a Methodist, some might see that as a victory for Christianity but I don’t at all – it’s a sign of the paucity, the bankruptcy, of that mosque’s spiritual standing.  It really does cut both ways.

Whoever took that decision needs firing on the spot.