Not one prosecution

Anyone of my vintage knows that in the days of, say, Profumo, one resigned – wrongdoers were prosecuted, at least far more than today.

Perhaps one reason today why it has changed is sheer numbers who need to go to prison – it is in the millions of people.  We could take any example from any western nation, let’s take this one for example:

Maybe a bit over half the people in any of those nations is expecting and waiting for the charging of those people, DJT was elected specifically to drain that swamp – they still have not been prosecuted and sent to prison.

Why is there so much noise from our side, ra ra ra, the perps are going down … and then they don’t.  All talk of prosecution just dies away.

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2 comments for “Not one prosecution

  1. Lord T
    August 19, 2019 at 14:49

    In the olden days they had a bit of morals and a code. That doesn’t exist any more. They are just plain out for themselves and that is why we are in the stage we are.

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