We’re truly in the silly season when the unprincipled pollies on holidays think it would be fun to take over the country and squabble over who’s the boss the country will learn to love.

1. Uh huh:

2. Pity really that it needed humans to develop:

3. I get this every time I eat out:

4. Remember:

5. They’ve been predicting it for ages:

6. Who cares:

7. My vote’s for this one this time:

8. Bruce Charlton analyses the divide:

What They really mean by ‘polarisation’ is that there are still a handful of people who dissent from the totalitarian bureaucratic Leftist agenda.

Everybody is materialist and anti-Christian (including most of those who regard themselves as spiritual or Christians).

Everybody is in favour of a utilitarian morality; in which the bottom-line rationale of all social policy is increasing the short-term happiness of (some) people between birth and biological death.

Everybody is in favour of the sexual revolution in at least one of its major components.

The majority of readers at this site are irreligious, but there’s a larger than national average Christian component and the latter continue to warn that this is the Chris Rea road to hell. I say time will tell as record numbers take to narcotics as a substitute.

9. A girl called Tiff wrote this ten hours ago:

A man opened the door for me. Another gave me a compliment (my hair). I smiled and said thank you. I appreciate gentlemen.

Dear men, keep being you. Your masculinity isn’t toxic. It’s infectious. I hope I offended every lib “feminist”.

There was a follow-up further down:

When it hits the fan, no one looks around for a feminist to save them.

[H/T Chuckles, haiku and Rossa’s mother]

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