Sunday editorial

Just as with 911, there are things which simply needed, in Them’s eyes, to be covered up, buried. Though it is always conjecture on our part, Them do things for a reason.

# The Great Work of Ages needed advancing to fulfil their internal prophecies to their legions.

# The aforementioned cover ups are very much part of the resetting, the retweaking of the world.

# The natural culmination of the nobbling of society, the white anting, started decades ago, even 1890s with Wundt (see the dumbing down series from 2006).

# Everyone interprets it differently – Bezmenov called it the KGB and I’m not saying it wasn’t, just that that was not the central game. Look at the UN, EU, various agendas, grain stockpiling, mass movement, sick sexual relativity, all with parallels in Egypt and Rome, atop the Babylonian ziggurat.

# The bible is a compendium of later-adulterated, ancient observations at a minimum, at best inspired. Point is – those things do repeat and now we’re closing in on the next near apocalypse.

# We’re wont to call it communism if we’re irreligious but really, it’s the most ancient of wars tricked out in new colours – the war chariots have new livery. People saying left-right are labels past their use by date are right, but not because the divide is gone – the divide’s alive, festering and consuming like cancer.

# And the quislings are the same, as with their namesake before WW2, the wormtongues abound, the wrong people are in charge. Bunyan suggested standing apart from it, being godly men and women – maybe, but events will overtake us just the same.

# I believe in faith itself as a concept – I do believe that when there’s a national or world consciousness at work, not only is it psychologically efficacious but I believe something spiritual happens. I believe that’s present among football or baseball fans too – some mystical thing occurs which transcends the humdrum money-grubbing, troughing, self-appointed officialdom.

# I believe this esprit is what Them tap into when they wish the agenda to inch forward but they also prevent us combining in so many ways (posts passim). They must prevent and redirect – this esprit can overwhelm once it becomes a gathering conquering wind and Them work tirelessly to wreck that.

Though the Epstein thing is theatre, a false dawn, it can still go wrong. Buchan referred to this in 1915 in The Thirty-Nine Steps. This is why populism is so useful.

Did you see the only way they could stop Salvini, have you been following developments? Same way they stopped Tony Abbott.

# If it is indeed a war in the spiritual realm raging, at a minimum between the apexes of the triangle, then there’s nowhere to hide. Refugee trains are pointless, boats can be sunk. The only thing you can do is stay strong and take care of your spirit, be no earthly one’s or no drug’s slave.

# Currency becomes valueless, SDRs become everything, at the whim of Them, just as with Joseph and the grain silos. Then comes the chip in the wrist, without which you can neither buy nor sell. It postpones the inevitable.

# Some consider it’s not remotely spiritual, it’s induced boom and bust, the sine wave of finance. Time for the next bust. I agree with them, which is not to say the universal spiritual war is not true, it contains the financial cycle within it, plus the Kalergi, the rest of it.

And there is a crisis of spirit, particularly among the now prostituted and perverted young – the Epstein allegory is apt. Some do not succumb, e.g. Blonde in her youtubes, Brittany – interesting that both are Roman Catholic.

# Personal safety is near gone partly due to the replacement with these dregs of the world pouring in unfettered. Huge buildings are going up, full of flats for our foreign friends.

# Merkel will surely go to the hot place. Bands roam, meanwhile the mania of Them to disarm us becomes frenetic.

# It’s seen as civilised, British, not to be armed. I’m not armed in a Plod way and yet I am in other ways. Only the truly blind believe in the philanthropy of those above, in the efficacy of the PC Narrative.

My book

Ostensibly the exploits of a roguish satyr, it became a quite prescient commentary over time in its backstory, considering the story was completed by 2006, having started in 1996. The apocalyptic part – the breakdown of Europe – could easily be seen back then for those with eyes to see.

The motif of betrayal is everpresent in that book, it drives the subplots forward, things realign. And yet the ties still bind, the spiritual bond among the ragtag is strong … to a point. Those who perish in droves are the rootless, feckless slaves to modern relativism and fashion. Foolish fops.

Just as in the book, the restrictions on travel become more and more constrictive, it becomes a police state, travel is via sympathetic souls towards the rebels, food, shelter. The authorities are by now insane in their attacks, hanging whole villages over one perp.

The official lies start to be believed, being the only Narrative still in town.

Militias form, opposed militias. Antifa are the best funded and most brutal, along with the State Thuggery Units. Opposing them are citizen militias, ragtags of those hoping to survive. Law and order break down, the land is lawless.

Where is DJT in all this? He isn’t, per se, in the book, but just maybe he’s a character near the end, he ends up in Jerusalem. Everything always ends up in Jerusalem.

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4 comments for “Sunday editorial

  1. August 11, 2019 at 14:42

    “”The only thing you can do is stay strong and take care of your spirit, be no earthly one’s or no drug’s slave.””

    “”Some do not succumb, e.g. Blonde in her youtubes, Brittany – interesting that both are Roman Catholic.””

    Even the Catholic Church is riven with ‘Them’. A war is going on at the highest levels between Cardinals, the Pope, and the Bishops. It is chaos right down to the parishes.

    Take care of your Spirit. The Tavern Keeper has been down in the Crypt for months, washing the flagstones and plugging cracks in the wallstones. Priorities.

  2. Sackerson
    August 11, 2019 at 18:55

    Sunday editorial but written on a satyr day?

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