Sunday home report

No, not the caretaker govts and so on (boycott Walker’s crisps) but really home, like here.

Big boat moves today (no, not launching) but all the same, took a lot yesterday. The bstd teed up to help me put up the shed didn’t turn up, so I had to do what I could. Good heart test, body liked it. 3 and a half hours moderate weight, break, then a second 3 and a half hours. Excellent – the old bod loved the action. I think I’m actually going to get this lady finished.

Had to clear the roadside and shift bricks (the f is intended) inside the yard to clear the way for the delivery – bleedin spiders of all hues and one was a false widow. Even after dropping a brick on it, it still crawled away. Nasty red bodied things too, come straight at you. Plus slugs. Uggghhh.

I imagine you’re at your allotments today and these days coming, lovely sunshine. Watch out for the hogweed, spiders and wasps! And bees. Don’t wear light blue.

Cricket. One eye on the test, one on the Atlanta Braves, won’t mention AFL, doesn’t exist.

Cooked up a storm earlier – egg fried rice, plus a bolognese like pasta combo, pans of both sitting ready to shovel down. Resting up now, mate comes, then another guy late afternoon.

Not going to touch politics today, far too nice out there.

The bolognese was standard, though crammed with chopped veg too, so not bolognese but Highamese. It was ok but the egg fried – ah, that was one of those rare accidents, like my pizzas.

Anyway, what are you all up to today? Nearly wrote y’all but thought it best not.

Tebbit’s question – phew, tough for me because I have family both places – well I did, they’re all dead now. I like what Smith’s doing, don’t like the new bodyline tactics but leaning towards England overall. But I do wish they would win fairly, instead of this Jardine rubbish.

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  1. August 18, 2019 at 12:03

    Interesting in a British (as distinct from English) rag:

    They’re thinking Hughes, I’m thinking Jardine.

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