1. Our politics:

2. Note the ever-so-careful, multi-covering diversity wording:


Hultgreen Curie Award candidate.

3. There’s gratitude for you:

4. I don’t like the look of her, don’t like the sound of her, wondering why she is a presenter, she’s not British and is appallingly ignorant.  Yes, it’s Nungamuncher:

BBC News: ‘Have you learnt nothing?’ Matt Taylor takes swipe at Naga Munchetty over remark

BBC BREAKFAST weather presenter Matt Taylor appeared to be exasperated by colleague Naga Munchetty on today’s show after she expressed doubt over one of his weather predictions that did in fact come true.

She’s been in way too many controversies and has no sense of Britishness, no sense at all. Classless. Why do the BBC employ such awful women?

Contained within that url is the word outbrain. Yes.

Now to get down to tin tacks on this – it is not her errors per se, no.  Heavens, I have a friend who tries to make as many as I do but I still think the prize is mine for the most stupid error-maker in life.  My errors are just … legendary.  And stupid.

It’s not errors at issue here with Nungamuncha, Ok?

It is her smug nastiness, the same with Newman, same with Maitliss, same with Swinton – were they male, we’d call them Richard Craniums, total tossers.  It is her thickasabrickedness she’s entirely unaware of, thinking in fact that she’s just the ant’s pants.

That is the issue. It’s the combined nastiness and idiocy running through her, far worse than Caroline Lucas who now says she wants to run the country, having helped run Brighton into the ground.

And there is one more thing – something separating my stupidity and nastiness compared to hers – at least I’m willing to learn from the intelligent and from experience, willing to listen to wisdom.

These clowns, including Mad Cow on MSNBC, are actually a real and present danger, not just to themselves but to all of us.

By the way, by way of balance, did you see ex PM Brown come out of retirement to lecture the country about being nice to one another? Sheesh!  And Khan on slavery?

5. Meanwhile, Microdave brings us this:


Noting that mechanical throttles are generally preferred because “they provide both immediate and tactile feedback to the operator.”

Even the bloody Vauxhall Agila I inherited from mother has an electronic “Drive By Wire” throttle, i.e. NO direct connection with the engine. It’s unprogressive, and has developed a maddening “hesitancy” at part throttle openings.

This has been looked at twice by the local Bosch technician (one of the top 2 in the country), and he can’t point to anything definite, so rather than spend a fortune trying various replacement parts I just have to put up with it…

Yep, it seems utter loonery but they’re the times we’re in.

6. We may have had this one – here it is again:

Finland & Japan Confirm Global Warming Data is not Supported

7. This one was sent to me with the question – how can you instantly tell it’s a model brought in and not someone within the industry?

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

9 comments for “Tuesday

  1. Mark
    August 13, 2019 at 11:32

    A blind man wouldn’t solder like that, assuming whoever took the pic knew it was a soldering iron.

    I think I saw on the BBC pay list that nagging carpetmuncher was on £195k.

    I’d happily be a complete boorish arse head from hell for half that!

    • microdave
      August 13, 2019 at 13:55

      “A blind man wouldn’t solder like that”

      Neither would I, unless I had a pair of very thick asbestos gloves! You also don’t solder from the component side of the PCB (except, possibly, if it’s a “Through Plated” hole). You’ll need a pair of long nose pliers to grip the component, and a bit of multicore solder to “Tin” the end of the iron, and PCB track. And a de-soldering pump, or wick. And where’s her antistatic wrist strap? And so on, and so on…

      Clearly NOBODY involved in the picture had the slightest idea what they were doing!

      • Chuckles
        August 13, 2019 at 14:23

        Most genyoowine technical types know not to pick up soldering irons by the sharp end, particularly if plugged in and switched on.

        I must admit that during a spell in my misspent student days, I was working on a site team building a telephone exchange, and much of the work involved sitting or standing on 12ft ladders and soldering thousands of wires onto the back on uni-selectors in large racks.

        This was always done with large heavy mains powered soldering irons that would have been more appropriately used in battleship hull construction or similar pastimes, but they were all we had.

        Inevitably when working on the top of the ladder, the soldering iron would slip off the precarious perch on which it had been balanced while cutting and stripping the next wire pair, and the natural reaction of the user, was to shoot out a hand to try and catch it, to avoid the long climb down to retrieve it from the ground.
        I think I can say with confidence that all of us there only did it successfully once,as the results took a LONG time to heal.

        The technique above is, however, perfectly OK if you don’t now the difference between a soldering iron and an oscilloscope probe?

        • Doonhamer
          August 13, 2019 at 16:16

          Full marks for the eye protection but nul points for lack of hair net in case hair gets entangled with the tool, and lack of hard hat. And is she wearing steel tow-cap boots?

  2. Andy5759
    August 14, 2019 at 01:06

    1. Yes.
    2. Do I have to?
    3. They are bringing the third world with them, so why not their cuisine. Hmm, bush meat markets in England. Grey squirrels, stray cats, not so stray cats. I’m now wearing a wicked grin.
    4. Awful people. £195k a year! Don’t forget that Auntie loves dishing out all sorts of freebies too. Unless you’re aged over 75.
    5. That’s progress. I’m buggered if I know where they are taking us though.
    6. Every time news like this comes out more and more people realise that they are being scammed. What a scam! History will record this as the scam of all time.
    7. I don’t know the first thing about welding. I would employ someone to do the job. I suspect that I wouldn’t employ her.

    Good silly o’clock in the morning James, I hope domestic things stop cascading. Life always goes like waves, on moment in a trough and the next on a crest.

  3. Toodles
    August 14, 2019 at 04:16

    4. Why is she in that ‘seat’ if she is not British? What is she? Until the last several years I had never heard that particular British accent. One of those old Spice Girls sounds like that. Grating…as I am certain mine would be to your ears…but mine is authentic.

  4. Toodles
    August 14, 2019 at 04:58

    4. Smugness. Recently I have had the occasion to be around two people in two separate situations who displayed such behaviour. In each case it happened to be a woman. With each one I was reminded, as a result of their smug behaviour, of the Proverb, Pride goeth before before the fall.

    7. Even ole Toods knows she is holding the tool incorrectly. I learned how to do that from my older brother on his many projects growing up. I am thinking he did that on his ham radio. That thing was neat…not as in unmessy, but it was unmessy. It was neat as in it was cool. Cool as in …

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