Tuesday too

With the disturbing news in the world these 24 hours and also being domestically out of sorts these couple of days, it might be tempting to be glum.  However, there are some rays of hope filtering through, there really are.

Khan pipes up about slavery and Britain’s record and is slapped down by many, not just the ones posted here:

Lucas pipes up, unwanted by anyone and wants to be the govt with her other feminazis:

They’re all popping up, time for whack-a-mole:

Good to see them getting slapped down.  Meanwhile, Clarissa points to the infantilisation of today’s university children:

I didn’t want to point to the ethnicity of many of those but I’ve seen it at first hand, remember.

And the legal system in this country is still a mess – this is an example of a new law not thought through:

And of course, coupled with that is rainbow plod:

Timbo on yet another scandal here:

Downunder, at least the bstd was stomped on in Sydney, by Brits as it turned out:

People have seriously had enough. Notice they didn’t kick the c**p out of him – we’re still too nicey-nice. Also in Oz, global warming ruins winter:

Hate to break it to those using this as climate hoax support – er, it is winter down there, guys and gals, and they do get snow down south in the temperate zones.

Meanwhile, across the pond:

Detente at last, no longer ‘back of the queue’:


… while the other side tries for the photo op in a low danger zone. Horizontal Harris gets hers in an old people’s home via an old lady:

Scaramouche attacks Trump and also gets stomped on:

So there are some nice things happening in among the plethora of evil and insane muvvers. Over in Russia though:

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  1. ivan
    August 13, 2019 at 14:51

    Re Aus snow. The problem is that they are getting it in places where it is unexpected see:


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