War of the cerebral hemispheres

You may well not see the connection between the two halves of this post, so forgive me if I explain.


Just what we need.  Engineers who think like this:

Rigor/Us: Building Boundaries and Disciplining Diversity with Standards of Merit: Engineering Studies: Vol 9, No 3

Rigor accomplishes dirty deeds, however, serving three primary ends across engineering, engineering education, and engineering education research: disciplining, demarcating boundaries, and demonstrating white male heterosexual privilege. Understanding how rigor reproduces inequality, we cannot reinvent it but rather must relinquish it, looking to alternative conceptualizations for evaluating knowledge, welcoming diverse ways of knowing, doing, and being, and moving from compliance to engagement, from rigor to vigor.

In essence, visiting their unwonted and unwanted interfering, busybody creepiness into an area which once did well, thank you very much.


Some of those lyrics:

And if California slides into the ocean
Like the mystics and statistics say it will
I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill

Don’t the sun look angry through the trees
Don’t the trees look like crucified thieves
Don’t you feel like Desperados under the eaves
Heaven help the one who leaves

He’s gone to a hotel, not intending to pay, so his guilt makes him feel like this and it’s all somehow excused in song with soft, mournful strings and the injection of emotion and pathos into the transaction.

Emotion, pathos, social awareness and people with no more engineering aptitude than a Miley Cyrus, now want to boss engineers about (or whatever other STEM field). There’s a place for right hemisphere for sure, to stop the Mengeles and Manhattan Project evil muvvers, but … well, you understand.

And yes – hemisphere lateralisation is more complex than that but the mindsets are easily perceived and understood.

Interesting that he brings in the Florida bridge collapse and gender intrusion. No one comes out though and says what is obvious to Blind Freddy.

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