White supremacy – lies told by the left

There’s a golden rule about the left and RINOs/CINOs – when they speak, they lie.

This Unholy Alliance is desperate to sheet “white supremacy” home to anyone of a pro-nation, pro-family mindset, low tax, high-employment, growth, which is really a gross insult to the majority who judge by what they see out there and not by any particular ideology beyond their heritage.

To that end, these new far left extremists [formerly calling themselves left-liberal or social democrats but now supporting extremist measures as we’ve been showing here for a couple of years now in direct quotes from them] ignore various crucial indicators which show exactly where we are, despite me pointing to them over and over and over.


There was one only yesterday and the comment on Swinson’s comments over here was that anything to the right of Swinson she sees as far-right.  This is not just a US phenomenon, it is part of the global leftspeak coming directly from the destroyers themselves – the elite – and handed down to the gullible and young.

On our side of the divide, there’s a difference between the word conservative on this side of the pond … and in America. Z Man for example, and Vox Day, see it as a pejorative word – over here they’d be referring to the Ken Clarkes, Heseltines, Majors etc., which is why we use the word Tory rather than small c conservative for them.

If you can get hold of the nomenclature, if you can control the framing, which the global left hegemony has done now while we weren’t watching, then you control the debate.

One who has done that in her latest rant is a registered Independent from the States, I think from Kentucky although there’s a distinct strain of Northern Yankee Democrat to her arguments. She’s straight leftwing and as we know, the left has shifted far left as the Narrative has done in recent years.

Which is interesting for one outside America here.  What she fails to understand is that US history was my major in university – in particular the history of education and US/USSR relations … and it’s continued ever since. You want to debate electoral college?  Glad to.

I wonder though how someone not grounded in those things could detect her sleight of hand and am also wondering just how much she herself does not understand US history, as distinct from actually being dishonest.  Give her the benefit of the doubt here.

Here’s an example:

If you believe you, as a white person, are superior to people of color in any way, shape, or form – you are a white supremacist by very definition.

Here is what I actually wrote in part two, in fact opened with it at the top:

If white supremacy means KKK rallies in the deep south by the Democrats, lynchings and all that or if it means kicking the stuffing out of a black or Muslim over here in my bovver boots, then count me out.

Which part of ‘count me out’ does she not understand? I’m well aware that she used ‘if’ but the surrounding text has suggested just that – that I am in fact aligning with the KKK, despite my clear statement.

Yet, just as with the Democrats over Russia and now this white supremacist insult they’re desperate to sheet home before 2020, she will continue to maniacally press this:

The KKK is still alive and well, here in the South – remember that like you and others, these days, they hate, fear, vilify, and propagandize Democrats.

See that – like you and others, not the slightest doubt that the ‘if’ is to deflect an accusation of defamation. Clever clogs.

She launches into a defence of the Democrats themselves, accusing the right of using ‘ancient history’ to sheet home blame for the KKK to the Democrats, which is actually quite legitimate, as mentioned further down.  She wrote, by the way:

The KKK jumped to the Republican Party in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act – and they would tell you that themselves, today.

There are problems with that statement.

For a start, as many over here do know, the terms Democrat and Southern Democrat are distinct … or were. Johnson was of the latter type and Kennedy of the former Yankee-type Democrat.

Then comes the akshual hisstory – there were three waves of KKK and the first two no one disputes were Democrat.  Just as with any nation’s history, there are so many nuances which are not always spelt out and this shows what is meant by that:

The February 14, 2019 edition of the Linden, Alabama weekly newspaper The Democrat-Reporter carried an editorial titled “Klan needs to ride again” written by Goodloe Sutton – the newspaper’s owner, publisher and editor – which urged the Klan to return to staging their night rides …

If you follow that through, it is most certainly Democrat, the perps are Democrat extremists.

One thing pushed by the left is a strawman called Horseshoe Theory, complete with diagram, showing left and right as two ends of the horseshoe and therefore, separate and different, although showing similarities in approach:


The whole issue with the horseshoe model is it can be debunked and we never use it – we use a continuum where the two ends meet in a circle, but Google tenaciously clings onto the horseshoe in its top rankings.

In the circular model, there is more a moderate segment along the orbit, and an extremist segment on the opposite side of the orbit. Left and right meet there in their extremist forms.

This was later refined to the political compass shown above, which is still operative.  In that, you see distinct authoritarian versus libertarian ends, plus left and right.

A left which favours bannings in fact is authoritarian, whereas the right laissez-faire [just leave us alone to get on with our lives] tends more to the libertarian … on the whole. There were flags at the Trump rally protesting against Red Flag laws.

Now if you look at where I am on that chart, it is near the middle, an averaging of various positions on various questions – take the test and find out where you are. But you would not know my position from her slur.

That’s where the defamation is.

Moving on, she sees this crowd below as fine and humanitarian, rather than what they are:


Another statement was:

the American Nazi Party also publicly endorsed Trump

Duke is a bit different but he certainly did endorse and Trump had to look at his position carefully.  As anyone sane knows, he’s a NY Democrat by background and temperament and the point was made in the conservative press, not least by the National Review and Katie Pavlich.  Also Ted Cruz.

But positions change, don’t they:


On Monday President Trump called the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists “repugnant.” On Saturday, he initially failed to specifically denounce the groups in the wake of the Charlottesville, Va., violence.

So she is telling lies by omission in not including that in her statement – yes, they may have endorsed him but he certainly did not endorse them.  She is telling porkies.

This, blended in with the traditional left slides was seen again after the Texas killing, the left jumping on it and making political mileage out of it, rather than showing the least vestige of compassion for the victims, as various victims, inc. angel mums, testify.

To draw this to a close, the far-right, such as they are, take extreme positions as a matter of course, always have, positions of action, whereas we moan and complain and they are sitting right next to the left of all hues, which has gone extreme, even advocating a coup d’etat in this country [see the latest from the Greens, Corbyn and Swinson].

There is still this majority in the middle, some tinged left, some tinged right and it’s worth repeating that these people have a variety of positions at different points on that compass – mine are slanted slightly right on balance.  The few awards I won were as centre-right or libertarian, although the latter has been disputed by libertarians, quite fairly because I am classical liberal in many ways.

But a political area which endorses Antifa, SPLC and PP violence is not moderate, it is extremist and now people who always saw themselves as moderates are advocating and endorsing such extremist positions, or else turning a blind eye and ignoring it.

I advocate due process on various groups who threaten the people of the land, never violence on the streets, for one major reason – it’s counter-productive, strategically – in other words, the state thugs are poised to step in, photograph and arrest – look at TR who left the EDL precisely because they’d been infiltrated by thugs.

Their whole strategy is to push us over the edge.

I do think civil war is coming – the two sides are so divided, a house against itself, that something major must happen before a rapprochement. But we’ll choose our own time and place, not when and where the global left elite want us to.

And no, I’m not advocating, merely observing.

Oh, one last thing – Tucker Carlson banned from the Murdoch and Koch Fox for calling out the WS hoax.

3 comments for “White supremacy – lies told by the left

  1. August 16, 2019 at 05:16

    Too many people cannot argue *without* the nomenclature.

    I avoid it and leave the burden on the other person to persuade me — rhetorically, or otherwise.

    It all comes out sounding like people arguing about athletic teams.

    Anyway, I especially avoid bad faith arguments which seem to creep into comment sections from time to time.

  2. August 16, 2019 at 10:10

    There are two comments I have about ethics – one now and one soon as a post on an entirely different topic.

    Ethics is a tricky topic because it gives rise to lying and virtue signalling. I’m attempting here to both threaten and reassure.

    About 12 years ago, I observed an altercation between someone named Oliver Kamm and another called Neil Clark, staying right out of it to one side. There is also one currently between Arron Banks and Codswallop. Again I’m staying right out of it.

    There’s nothing unethical in that but it’s still an interesting way, shall we say, of resolving differences, let alone all it does is put money into the hands of third parties. I really do not like it as a tactic and if some people reading this think that’s for self-preservation, then they’re fools, as I am in a position to act on certain antagonistic parties, should they choose to persist – this does NOT include this lady in the least.

    This person I had a falling out with – one of the many over the years – got into this doxxing or printing personal details publicly and they were stupid tactics by him, mainly because I knew the town where he lived at that time, his home address, one of the pubs he drank at, and details on his girlfriend too of the time – what, you think I fight without ammunition?

    It was a very stupid altercation and it needed to just cease. But more than that, one must decide whether someone is one of the people, so to speak, misguided and enemy at the time, but still of the people … or if that person is a key member of the real Enemy, Them.

    To that end, I’ve certainly directed people to Chatham House and Tavistock, also naming Geoff Mulgan and the head of Hate not Hope. But not the private home details. DR is currently on the trail of Global Girl and well done, she needs pursuing and this is the post I’m about to write.

    A leftwing friend of mine once said to me that I was one of the 99% in their terms from those days. No, I said, I’m certainly not if that means I condone Remoan and the job done on Trump. No way am I part of that. Over here, I’m one of the 52%, not the 48%.

    And yet, I’d never betray anything I knew because this is pawn on pawn, factotum on factotum, it’s us down here battling among ourselves. It’s stupid, it’s the age old game of the instigator and provocateur above goading both sides and to be sure, I’ve goaded her back in this post. But not personally in the sense of family details – I went as far as state line.

    That’s the plea – for sure, let’s give as good as we get ideologically, in terms of what we fall out over – but leave the personal out because that is M.A.D.

    Not so with Global Girl though, because she is involved in something so bad, so very bad, globally, quite different to what, say, Airmiles was tempted by and I don’t think for a second he was stupid enough to do as others did. I’ll repeat that line in the post. So instead, I wrote a song about him and left it at that.

    It’s the Maxwell and Global Girl we need to go after, not each other, no matter how stupid your politics are and how you are just facilitating all this. None of us have no skeletons but I do say hey, let’s pause and think here one moment – we are the people, we should be going after the mass, global scale instigators, the rest we can deal with later. I would fully expect that we, ideological enemies, could still work together to go after the common enemy, to try to bust up this global trade.

  3. August 17, 2019 at 02:50

    We have to face the fact that on our side (by our side I mean those who oppose the global/SJW agenda and oppose immigration) there are some seriously nasty and seriously crazy people. Some are probably FBI/MI5 informers (I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but believing that the secret police are heavily infiltrating groups they regard as threats to the Establishment is hardly a conspiracy theory).

    Hang out on Vox Day’s blog for a while, or on Unz Review. Some truly lunatic ideas get seriously discussed and even advocated. The violent overthrow of the state, ethnic cleansing on a massive scale, extreme racial hatred, etc.

    We have some very unpleasant people on our side. They’re a small minority but they’re the ones the media will focus on. That lunatic fringe is doing immense damage to our cause. The media tries to paint dissidents as Nazis and that lunatic fringe makes it easy for them to do so.

    It’s a problem we need to face.

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