Bridges to Ireland

Boris is cleaning out his garage and comes upon an old lamp lying in a corner.
He figures what the heck, takes the lamp, rubs it, and sure enough a Genie pops out. “Thank you for awakening me. I will grant you one wish.”

Boris inquires, “Anything I want?”

“Yes, sure thing, anything,” says the Genie.

Boris says, “I’ve always wanted to be able to drive to Northern Ireland, how about a bridge there from Scotland so that I can drive there whenever I want to visit.”

“A bridge to Ireland?!” the Genie replies, “That’s a really tough request. The water is up to a mile deep in places, the swells in that part of the sea sometimes reach 25 feet.

The bridge would have to be miles long. The amount of concrete and steel to accomplish that will have to come from somewhere, it will be nearly impossible.  May I ask you to think of a different wish?”

Boris thinks for a bit. “OK then, sort out Brexit for me so we leave the EU on October 31st, and everyone is happy about it.”

The Genie looks at him and says “So, that bridge, how many lanes you want, 2 lanes or 4?”

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