1. Name’s Justin, Justin Soy Boy:

2. “But of course in the end, the country voted to leave. You might not like that and I might not like that, and many people watching this programme may think that was the wrong choice. But we are a democracy.”
So speaketh Call Me eventually, a plea on deaf ears because the agenda won’t allow.

3. Bad move, Amazon?

4. Well of course – they’re the elite, aren’t they? International knees-up require abandoning your young baby, Casey Anthony could vouch for that:

5. Your move, Airmiles:

Virginia Roberts claims Jeffrey Epstein forced her into sex with Prince Andrew in TV interview about her years as the US billionaire’s underage sex slave 

6. Tell the truth and be expelled:

Conservative Party suspends members over Islamophobic tweets including post saying: ‘Islam is THE religion of hate’ 

7. For all you ladies:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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