Lara Logan syndrome

It might be an opening tale with elements of dark humour but there’s no humour for the woman herself:

In my teenage, the risks I took, such as lying down beside cows in a field at our school farm, mimicking them – unaware of their potential danger.

I’ve called this post Lara Logan syndrome – typical young woman with it all at her feet, fearless reporter from the front line, secure in her safety, we’ve had this before.

Not raped or throat slit, too many of the world’s press about and yet still molested and manhandled, almost murdered by lowlifes.

It’s probably inaccurate to speak of her thinking she’s so tough, she’s pretty fearless but fearless can also mean foolhardy:

It’s more a case of taking no care of her personal safety because she is this great fearless female reporter on the front line – her own reputation depends on the lines Hannity is feeding her and it’s true – in her manner, she’s hardbitten.

Her politics are fine, she’s one of us that way.

But gee whiz she was foolish – waltzing in, concentrating only on the story and her sense of justice and fair play, no peripheral vision nor situational analysis.  What she’s ‘about’ is so divorced from the reality and the genuine danger.

And as a non-left-liberal, surely, surely she knows what animals those jihadis are?  No?  She thinks she’s immune?

I see her and two things stand out – long blonde hair and a heart-shaped, pixie face – a cute face from a distance.  Red rag to a cultural enricher.  As for two dozen of them in their own land in a volatile situation where Americans are not the flavour of the month … and you get the idea.

Sometimes you have to save them from themselves, which is what actually happened.

Next case study:

I saw two ladies, one older, one young, sitting at an eatery, laughing, even shrieking, going over old times and neither had eyes on the danger people in that cafe. Sure they glanced sideways and checked out some pretty boy or other, hoping to catch his eye but the type of no interest to them they never noticed.

I did though, I saw them watching and deciding over these two ladies.  But that’s my training, to try to create 270 degree vision afap.  The other 90 degrees are partly covered by moving the head round.

But it starts long before that.  I would not even go into a town today over here alone, not a large one and certainly not one with blacks or the culturally enriched all over the place, chips on shoulders.

Here’s one reason:

N2 is walking maybe home, engrossed in her earplug music and/or iphone itself, minding her own business as she’s been taught, oblivious about the thug N1.  It’s in Italy.

As the footage goes on, they make as if to pass, he suddenly launches out with a one punch to her head, she hits the stone floor and her head hits the wall. End of.

The thug walks on, no one accosts him coz he’s black, isn’t he?  That would be racism.  No one helps the woman either  although I didn’t watch any more.

Everything she’s been taught is the wrong move there. No situational awareness, none, lost in her own private world.

And because pretty white girl ignores him, he takes umbrage and punches her lights out – understandable really if you’re of that ‘community’.

She has no clue whatever.  My reaction would be way back where the camera was and I’d either go down a sidepath or say excuse me to someone and go the far side of them.  At the same time, whatever I have in my bag is in my hand ready.

Women should always be armed but that’s not enough.  The N1 rule is situational awareness.

Another case study:

I went out the Sunday before last, internally not great so after some time, I went to sit in the back of the car in the carpark.  Yoof comes over to my open door, right up to me, asks if he can look for his lighter he dropped under the car.

I need to background you.  I have a professor dome, a boyish face but also a nastiness or something in the eyes and stillness – I don’t know what it is but it puts people off. He certainly backed off but that might be because I had an implement of pain in my hand and was awaiting his next move.

There are two ladies at the moment I hope to goodness are reading this.  You MUST be 270 degree aware, also foreground and periphery, scan the surrounds for possible danger, see what’s moving in behind you.

You might see that as OTT, I say it’s not in this day and age. Also, that very wariness, not fearful, just cautious, watchful, it can make you seem the nutter, the thug, which is all good – it keeps people at a distance.

Which brings me to the girls on the park bench – there is footage but can’t find it now. Camera is behind the bench, two white girls, one holding baby, are on the bench, chatting.  Four black girls surround them.  The indigenous pair go into the way they’ve learnt – ignore, keep to self.

I’d suggest it’s way too late for that. It’s mace time or worse, then get out of there.

As it is, the gal with baby on our left looks straight ahead, ignoring the barbs from this black female gang, black to her left suddenly grabs her by the hair, drags her to the grass, baby just falls to the ground. The female mob drag her further by the hair along the grass and start putting the boot in on all sides.  Nice.

She had to have acted long before that and I hate to say it but not in a confrontational, ‘go back home’ way. This is real danger for both girls, plus the baby. This is gang attack.

For a start, in that local area, with cultural enrichers or blacks out in force, you simply don’t go sitting on benches, two white girls, it’s just asking for it. I know the SJWs say but she has every right … bggr rights in this, this is survival. If those two white girls were ever going to sit on a park bench today, in that area, then they needed to have some guys at hand or else half a dozen girls not far away, all armed.

Which brings me to N2 strategy – avoidance. Almost all protection of those in my care was down to those two things – simply do NOT go into situations where certain demographics are. There is a third demographic too – the chav or hoody and same applies to them – just don’t go to their strongholds unless you are well armed and even then it’s insane – M.A.D.  There are no winners in gang fights.

What could that girl have done in that Italian screenshot above?  Not a lot, the element of surprise would have got her anyway.  She was not strong enough either. I’d suggest a sudden step left, not right, right foot trips his leading foot so he goes down, boot straight into the goolies, heel into his eyes.

Which brings me to the next point – never fight just for the sake of fighting but if you must fight, if avenues are suddenly closed off, then pre-empt and act to kill or maim.

Which brings me to the next point – know thyself. Lara Logan’s error was that she thought she was as safe as houses, also tough enough.  She was not. I know some ladies who think they are tough. I’m saying this – you might be tough according to sane people, ordinary people. But that black girl who allowed that baby to hit the ground like that and then dragged the mother away – you are not dealing with humans there, are you?  Same with a chav who does similar.   There IS no mercy from them, there is only learned response from you, practised response.  At least talk out your pair strategy, girls.

Know thyselves thoroughly.  I was still at the gym in 2017 but then came the heart attack.  That does weaken you because you can no longer do high intensity, i.e. muscle building. Plus stamina is shot.  So you must be far more careful where you go, keep your eyes scanned, have your weapon handy – mine that day was a walking stick I keep handy, occasionally for leaning on.  The end was going straight in that yoof’s eye.

Realise that unless you incapacitate in no longer than a second, you’re dead meat.  Don’t go anywhere at all where you can’t control the situation around you or at least have genuine sanctuary for a time.  If you go alone, make sure it’s in a supermarket or garden centre or somewhere the thugs don’t hang out.  A woman who walks around a mall these days is silly, except when it’s crowded.  Mall carparks are asking for trouble.  Assume you’ll be mugged between car and mall.

If there are two ladies sitting over lattes, one keeps watch over the other’s shoulder with one eye, converses with the other.

Above all, none of us can handle multi-attack where surprise is theirs. I don’t care who you are, Gal Gadot – you can’t.

Last case:

Two guys in MAGA hats standing.  Antifa punk comes up, chooses the unaware one, launches a one punch, second guy, the military one, deflects it, wags his finger, punk retires.  Everything mentioned above comes into play there.

Total shock on the face of the near-victim.  Never saw it coming.  Why not?  Did not see them as violent, Antifa.  Nice young man was the MAGA, the soldier less so – the soldier saved them both as there were other Antifa about.

Oh … prayer can also be efficacious for those who believe it can be.

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10 comments for “Lara Logan syndrome

  1. dearieme
    September 12, 2019 at 11:13

    Stay on the cow’s left. Don’t take a dog. Don’t go there if there are calves. Be sure you can distinguish cows from bullocks.

    I used to cross pasture on the way to and from school. I never had any trouble from the good ladies – Ayrshires probably.

    • September 12, 2019 at 12:20

      I’ll remember that.

    • Twisted Root
      September 12, 2019 at 13:27

      About 35 people a year killed by cows in the UK. Aside from people whose job it is to handle livestock the remainder are with very few exceptions lone walkers with a dog.

      And yes, that feeling when you are halfway across a field a realise they are not cows.

      • Jim
        September 12, 2019 at 14:23

        Cows are the most dangerous, when they have calves at foot, its the maternal instinct at work. Bulls can be dangerous when protecting a herd of cows but steers (which are castrated bulls) are not usually that dangerous, curious normally, and it is possible that if you ran away from them they’d chase you, more because of their curiosity than a desire to attack you. The vast majority of the deaths of walkers are by cows acting to protect their calves from dogs, and the human gets dragged into it because they won’t let go of the dog.

  2. September 12, 2019 at 11:15

    I’ve lived in some rough countries. 90% of personal safety is about not being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and knowing which places and times those are. The 10% is basic stuff like not walking around with valuables and being aware of what’s happening around you. Huge muscles and Kung fu are not much help if two guys on a motorbike stick a gun in your face.
    The only place I’ve been where these measures don’t work is Addis Ababa. The whole city is the wrong place and there’s no right time.

    • September 12, 2019 at 12:19

      Absolutely. In Russia, it was stick to your ‘rails’, don’t go off into unchartered, don’t go wandering through yards if inostranetz иностранец, foreigner, not alone.

  3. September 12, 2019 at 15:44

    From elsewhere and when…….

    In February 1967, the U.S. Army launched Operation Junction City, one of the largest operations of the Vietnam War and one that included the only major combat jump of the war. Joining the 173rd Airborne Brigade on their historic mission was a young civilian, Catherine Leroy, a French photographer who went to Vietnam as a 21-year-old. Leroy had gained her parachuting licence as a teenager and had completed 84 jumps prior to her combat jump alongside the 173rd. The morning after her jump, Brig. General John R. Dean pinned on her paratrooper wings and a gold star signifying a combat jump.

    Leroy stayed in Vietnam from 1966 to ’68, during which time she was captured by the North Vietnamese and wounded in action with the U.S. Marines.

    At 5 foot nothing and weighing only 85 pounds, she humped the jungles in combat boots two sizes too big – she couldn’t find any small enough to fit her size four feet – and carrying near her body weight in camera equipment and other gear. But she was determined to capture the human element of war.

    “It took years to get my head back together because I was filled with the sound of death, and the smell of death,” said Leroy, who went to work extensively in Lebanon and other parts as a Time magazine photographer.

    “On the surface I was extremely cool under fire. I didn’t show any emotion; in fact, I didn’t show anything. But when I went back to Saigon, sometimes with human brain on my fatigues, the horror of it would hit me, and I would sleep for 20, 30 hours straight.”

    She was once slapped with a 6-month ban from the front lines for cussing out an officer – in her defense, most of the English words she had learned up to that point had come from hanging out with foul-mouthed grunts, so cussing was about all she could do in English. Fellow journalist Jonathan Randall said “She spoke the most disgusting English. I asked her where she learned it from and she said ‘the Marines’.”

    Leroy said being a woman photographer in Vietnam during the conflict wasn’t the obstacle one might think. She merely faced the same heap of survival techniques as everyone else.

    “I was never propositioned or found myself in a difficult situation sexually,”Leroy said.

    “When you spend days and nights in the field, you’re just as miserable as the men — and you smell so bad anyway. “Basically, you’re just trying to survive. But I made myself popular because I was tiny. I’m 5 feet tall and I have no strength, so what I did instead of carrying C rations was bring the wine. I found a place in Saigon that was importing Beaujolais in a can. I’d take a six-pack and maybe one or two C rations, which was the maximum I could carry…Each time I joined a company, I would choose my group of friends, my crew, and we would share everything — you know, take care of your buddy and your buddy takes care of you . . . I would help them dig a hole, and we would all sleep in it, and there was never any problem, ever.”

    (Pity I cannot put the snap of her here). She was tough, but tiny, and treated like the ‘little sister’ by the troops.

  4. Doonhamer
    September 12, 2019 at 19:06

    The cows see a wolf, and they do not come singly.
    If the dog is on a lead, the best thing for both of you is to set it free and let it run.
    But don’t you run.

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